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Educational school trips for all curriculums

We organise school trips across the UK, Europe and Worldwide encompassing a variety of subjects to suit every school curriculum. All trips are curriculum focused and include itineraries tailored to your specific subject learning objectives.  From subject-specific trips such as geography, history,  religious studies or science to MFL language school trips where students are immersed into the culture and spoken language of a country to cross-curricular tours where pupils can learn about a combination of subjects, all our school trips have a clear educational focus.

Why choose Voyager School Travel for your school trip?

You are in expert hands

We have specialised in educational trips for over 10 years and organise school trips for over 25,000 students a year. Read more...

We make it easier

Teachers’ lives are hard enough without the extra work involved in running a school trip, so we’ll be there for you before, during and after the trip. Read more...

Our own overseas teams

With a large overseas team looking after the majority of our school trips, you can be sure of consistent and personal service. Read more...

Truly educational school trips

Our language programmes use our own highly trained native-speakers to create a truly immersive experience which is shown to improve learning and confidence. Read more...

Our own residential centres

Our European residential centres offer the highest quality instruction and care which is why 8 out of 10 school groups return to our centres each year. Read more...

For teachers who are serious about the educational outcomes of their school trip.

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