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MFL and language immersion school trips

Your students will leave a Voyager MFL school trip more confident and proficient at speaking, listening and understanding a language. We specialise in language immersion programmes at our school centres in France, Spain and Germany which, unlike other providers, are led entirely by native speaking staff. This means that your learners only hear and speak the target language throughout their stay.

How does language immersion work?

Language immersion explained

Instead of acquiring a new language by formal instruction, your students learn from native speakers, in an authentic and immersive environment.  Wherever possible, our staff will not speak English to students and all the activities, excursions, mealtimes and evening entertainment is conducted in the target language.

For many students this is their first taste of using another language in a real world context, providing a sense of purpose and enjoyment to their learning. And as students become more accustomed to speaking in a second language we see them grow in confidence.

Each one of our language immersion programmes is different, but every one is designed to maximise the opportunities for students to practise their language with a trained native-language leader.

See how our language programmes link to the curriculum here.

French immersion programmes

School groups on our language programmes in Paris and at our residential centres in Northern France, are led by our own French-native animateurs who have considerable experience working with schools groups. Our flagship French immersion and adventure programme based at Château de la Baudonnière uses French as the sole means of communication throughout the week which means that students have more exposure to speaking in, and listening to, French than is possible in a whole term of formal lessons back at school. 

Our residential language programmes at our centres in Normandy and the Opal Coast use local cultural visits to give children a chance to use their French in a real setting under the supervision of a trained animateur. Our Paris Parle programme uses experience French animateurs  who conduct all mealtimes, excursions and evening entertainment in French to give your students the opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan city of Paris while still practising their French. To experience French language immersion at your school you can hire our French escape room. Using our experienced French animateurs, your students will solve a series of puzzles and riddles which have been designed to get students using their French in a fun and challenging setting.

Spanish and German immersion programmes

Our exclusive language immersion activity programmes in Spain and Germany are run by native-speaking monitores and Betreuers trained to the same high standard. 

Our choice of Spanish immersion programmes offer a mix of adventure activities and Spanish cultural visits, all conducted in Spanish by a native monitor to create an immersive language experience in Murcia, Girona and Andalucia.

While German students on our residential language programme at Hellenthal stay in a traditional German setting, providing a glimpse of everyday German life combined with on-site adventure activities conducted in German by native-speaking Betreuers.

Immersive French, Spanish & German language school trips

Better than your standard language trip

We believe that the best way to learn a foreign language is to truly immerse yourself in the language and the culture and of course, to have as much fun as possible!

Voyager has provided immersive language programmes to schools for over 30 years and what makes our language programmes stand out is that we create a unique opportunity for students to experience a new language and culture in a truly authentic setting.

Central to our approach is our hand-picked native language instructors who will escort your group, only speaking in the target language throughout. It's their job to encourage even your most reticent students to have a go, leading to proven educational benefits in language confidence, vocabulary and pronunciation.


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You are in specialist hands

Our team use their teaching, language & destination experience to organise educational trips that are not only enriching but hassle-free. Read more →

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Schools trust Voyager School Travel to organise the educational trips for over 32,000 passengers a year. Read more →

We deliver the educational elements

Signature educational experiences with our own language & activity instructors allow teachers to enjoy the trip too. Read more →

Stay at our own residential centres

Groups staying at our own residential centres in France will benefit from high quality learning, safety & service. Read more →

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