Just back from... Vietnam

15 Jan 2020 10:52 by James Mc Geown

History teachers will know the Vietnam war is now part of the history curriculum, but our trips to this fascinating destination have lots more to offer too. 

Top 3 Creepiest Places to Visit On a School Trip

8 Nov 2019 10:21 by Sam Taylor

Are you a horror aficionado or perhaps a teacher who loves the weird and wonderful parts of history? In celebration of Halloween, we've asked our team of educational travel experts to come... 

Latest Brexit travel advice

7 Oct 2019 12:32 by Nigel English

Travelling after Brexit – checklist for schools travelling to the EU after 31st October 2019. 

7 ways to fill places on your school trip

29 Nov 2018 09:24

So you’ve researched your options and persuaded your Head to support your proposed school trip - great! Now the next step is to persuade your students, and their parents, of its value. 

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  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-25 13:40:31)

    RT @HelenMyers: Thanks to @ALLLondon007 's sponsors contributors to delegate packs for the January Event tomorrow: https://t.co/QGBZ5NdoDx

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-25 10:42:49)

    Come and visit our stand today at the ALL London Event, BFI Southbank and learn how our language tours get students… https://t.co/xn6igBiM33

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-24 10:16:01)

    Looking forward to exhibiting at @ALL4language @ALLLondon007 MFL event at @BFI tomorrow and learning the latest fro… https://t.co/7Zagrzs5XW

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-17 17:46:49)

    RT @WestBuckland: Thank you @voyagerschools for a fantastic French escape room experience today. The students loved solving the clues again…

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-16 14:50:13)

    Excited for an educational trip to Belgium, visiting the many historical sites and checking out the hotels. Hopeful… https://t.co/ODSPec7FiA

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-07 17:32:17)

    RT @SexeysSchool: Sexey's Skiers continue to have an amazing time despite some light rain. We are preparing for our last day on the slopes…

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-07 17:16:00)

    RT @CorVermuyden: We are really excited to be hosting the GCSE French escape room experience taking place tomorrow for our Year 11 French s…

  • Voyager School Travel (2020-01-07 17:15:33)

    New year, new us 🤩 Check out our shiny new website, brimming with exciting educational school trips and information… https://t.co/4D1FmG34Gj

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-16 09:59:58)

    RT @Mazzad68: Thank you so much @voyagerschools and Djh Hellenthal for a fantastic weekend experiencing all you have to offer us as teacher…

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-09 10:33:53)

    Helping local villagers build a new road up in the mountains of Vietnam! Get in touch and talk to us about our grea… https://t.co/j4ytEkBHlF

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-08 02:24:18)

    Good morning Vietnam!! What a stunner and start to the day! Up & ready for today’s community work with the locals!… https://t.co/TpTSR1iHiy

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-07 06:15:46)

    Wow what a day experiencing the @KOTOVietnam program and seeing how disadvantaged youngsters are trained in hospita… https://t.co/xhlGQxE8uo

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-07 00:49:13)

    Off on an adventure to Germany, visiting Christmas markets and Phantasialand with MFL teachers', friends and famili… https://t.co/RYvqBGnsfb

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-05 02:47:56)

    After an 11.5hr flight, a little wonder around the city of Hanoi followed by a master class in calligraphy! This gu… https://t.co/aKdzcNR0Mi

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-12-03 10:26:24)

    It’s a super exciting day for me and ultimately one of the best bits about working in travel! Off to Hanoi to visit… https://t.co/8gaC5Pk0uE

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-28 19:02:42)

    All ready for tonight’s 6pm parents evening for the Trevelyan’s school meeting ready for there up and coming trip t… https://t.co/kJvAXmSti9

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-27 15:08:49)

    More from our expertly guided tour of the ruins of Empúries. The tour can be adapted to suit different ages of stud… https://t.co/Zf0CAVJxkq

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-27 15:03:55)

    Learning about the Greek and Roman history of the ancient city of Empúries on an excursion from our Spanish trip to… https://t.co/VmiWUokSHT

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-27 10:02:58)

    Starting the morning in the beautiful Banyoles, home to Spain’s largest natural lake! This is an excursion groups c… https://t.co/RigESTR6Wq

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-26 23:53:30)

    RT @SandHighMFL: Merci JuJu! The girls had a great time thanks to your enthusiasm, patience & excellent explanations of the task. @voyagers…

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-26 23:51:42)

    RT @SandHighMFL: Year 9 & 10 🇫🇷 students had an amazing time doing the @voyagerschools Escape Room today. The whole event was brilliantly d…

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-26 16:38:05)

    Our team donning the helmets and harnesses to conquer the zip line and high ropes 10 metres above the forest floor… https://t.co/x3AYK1lxC1

  • Voyager School Travel (2019-11-26 16:33:22)

    We’re in Girona today tackling the high ropes course at our Spanish language immersion centre, Mas Pagès. Instructe… https://t.co/bbh0E5nREb

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