From Climbing to Conversing! Watch Bradford Grammar’s German Experience

Kate Moore

23 May 2024, 11:54
by Kate Moore

Watch Bradford Grammar School’s German Language Adventure

Philippa Sugden, a language teacher from Bradford Grammar School, took her students on an exciting trip to the Hellenthal Centre on the western edge of Germany. We joined them at the end of their first full day to see how they were getting on.

Watch their first impressions of this uniquely immersive German adventure and discover our fun approach to teaching German.

Learning German through adventure

At Voyager School Travel, we believe learning a language should be an adventure. That’s why every German, French, and Spanish language immersion trip is packed with hands-on activities like climbing or local market missions. These activities are a fantastic way to engage learners in the target language.


Experience real-life German in action

During the activities, students pick up relevant vocabulary - for instance a climbing lesson will use directions, verbs and parts of the body – which is reinforced through exercises in the German workbook. Throughout the trip, they dive into real-life conversations with our friendly, trained instructors. This constant practise boosts their German fluency and understanding, making them more confident in their language skills.


Why teachers love these trips too

Our instructors lead the way, so teachers can kick back and enjoy the activities too. It’s a great way for students to see a different side of their teachers, all in a relaxed and authentic German setting. 

Ready for an MFL adventure?

If you want to make your next MFL trip unforgettable and supercharge your students’ learning, get in touch today for a no-obligation quote for one of our immersive language residential trips. Auf geht's!


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