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Our language and activity instructors

We have a highly trained team of overseas staff who are responsible for your school groups. By training and managing the teams ourselves, we can maintain consistently high levels of instruction, safety and quality standards.

Voyager French animateurs trained at our centre of excellence

Our language immersion programmes in Paris, Normandy and the Opal Coast are run by our own animateurs, a hand-picked team of French-native activity leaders who have undertaken training at our flagship French language centre, Château de la Baudonnière. Time and time again teachers say that their animateur is like ‘having another teacher on the trip’. They run the whole programme for you so you can relax and enjoy seeing your students learn in an 'outside the classroom' environment

We have been running French immersion programmes at the Château for over 20 years which means we have unrivalled experience recruiting, training and developing our animateurs to ensure they deliver the best learning to your students.  What’s more, our animateur training course has been co-designed by a former Headteacher and Head of MFL to ensure that all our activities support current language pedagogy and curriculum.

It’s the animateur’s job to spend time with your students, build their confidence and encourage them to speak French at every opportunity, coaxing even the most reticent French learners to take part.  Their express purpose is to get students to engage with the language at every opportunity, whilst not putting undue pressure on students. They make experiences memorable and fun and as a result, fears of making mistakes are reduced and confidence increased.

Voyager adventure instructors maintain the highest standards

Many of our language and residential trips include a range of adventure activities that are designed to build students’ confidence and team-work, providing plenty of fun and adventure in a safe and closely supervised environment. These trips help children learn new skills, challenge themselves and bond as a group, with benefits which will extend back to the classroom.

These activities are led by our own qualified instructors, who are highly experienced working with school groups, so you can be confident that your students are in the very best of hands. We pride ourselves on our instructor’s professionalism, their sense of adventure, and their ability to coax the best from every child. Our team operates to the highest standards and conform to European national governing body’s code of practice, wherever possible, providing a greater number of qualified staff on-site than required by the Governing National Body.

All our staff go through an intensive selection and training process and require two references, an enhanced DBS check and First Aid certification. All our lead instructors hold an appropriate National Governing Body qualification. We comply with the UK Government's Department for Education guide on Health and Safety on Educational Visits and we will provide you with full details of our activity instructor staff before the trip. Voyager’s outdoor activity and adventure programmes are also subject to a biannual inspection by Adventuremark, an independent body which ensures we meet the best practice standards.

Spanish Monitores and German Betreuers will get your pupils talking

Using our considerable experience offering French language immersion programmes for schools, we have developed Spanish and German language programmes which use native-speaking group leaders to provide an authentic and immersive language experience for your learners.

As with our French immersion programmes, your school group will have a specially trained activity leader who will deliver all on-site activities, mealtimes and evening games in the target language to create a truly authentic and immersive environment.

To ensure that that we offer a high-quality immersive language immersion across all our programmes, the senior Spanish monitores and German Bertreuers have been trained by our French Château team.

Designed to give your students plenty of opportunity to use the language they are studying, our Spanish and German programmes offer a mix of on-site adventure activities, combined with local excursions and visits, to provide an authentic taste of local culture.



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Our language programmes use our own highly trained native-speakers to create a truly immersive experience which is shown to improve learning and confidence. Read more...

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