What is language immersion? Our animateurs explain why this isn't your typical French trip...

12 Sept 2023, 13:22 by Sam Taylor

Animatrices Chlotilde and Romane, from our centre Château de la Baudonnière, sit down to explain the principles of language immersion and how our immersive French residentials differ from your standard school trip to France.

⭐ More exposure to the target language

Your students will flourish under our curriculum-linked learning programme delivered by our animateurs—the native-speaking instructors who lead your trip—from mealtimes to on-site activities & excursions, and only interact with your students in French for the duration.

⭐ Reinforce language learning

Each student will be armed with their own trusty language workbook brimming with exercises & writing prompts—which is used alongside each activity to reinforce the vocabulary they've learnt.

⭐ Less planning & stress for teachers

With our tried-and-tested programme, teachers can relax and let our animateurs handle the logistics. No need to worry about timing or coordination—we've got it all covered!

⭐ Immerse your Spanish & German learners too

You can expect the same level of language learning, instructed activities & cultural experiences at our partner centres in Spain & Germany with their very own native-speaking staff—Spanish monitores & German Betreuers.

Unlock your students' language learning potential

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