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History school trips

Our history school trips have been designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation for the events that have shaped history and the modern world. From ancient civilisations to pivotal events throughout the 20th century our history tours can be tailor-made to support classroom-based learning. Bringing the facts and figures to life, through first-hand experience increases motivation and engagement which is often translated back to the classroom on their return.

Voyager's History School Trips

History is one of our biggest subject offerings and we have a great network of excursions and visits in France, Belgium and Poland to support the curriculum on European history. We can also cover WWI, WWII and American Politics.

A trip to any city in Europe is guaranteed to be filled with an abundance of history. With the many landmarks standing in memory and portrayal of the wars that have occurred in the past, and the additional array of museums, the majority of locations in Europe make ideal educational trips for history students.

There are plenty of other great places to consider that are slightly less thought of but are equally as momentous. Depending on your requirements and the key stage of your group, our expert team will be able to create you a bespoke trip that will certainly be remembered by all. Get in touch with Voyager School Travel today!

D-Day Landing Beaches

Getting your students to examine the historic battlefields and beaches first-hand, will give them greater insight into the monumental events that took place on D-Day in 1944. Normandy also has a great selection of museums and as Normandy specialists, we have a great network of school accommodation for your next history field trip. Your trip will be a memorable opportunity to see first-hand some of the most momentous areas of World War II.

View our D-Day Landings School Trip

Our History School Trips to The Opal Coast

In terms of battles of the First World War, or even of all time, the Somme and Ypres are regarded as amongst two of the most important and also most bloody. In the 21st century it is almost impossible to imagine the scale of the slaughter, with millions of lives lost in these two 2 battles alone.

Our own accommodation centre in the Opal Coast, hotel Moulin aux Draps makes The Somme, Vimy Ridge, Thiepval, Arras, Delville and even Ypres in Belgium are all easily accessible and are guaranteed to bring your history curriculum to life. The Opal Coast is also only a short drive (less than 1 hour) from Calais, making it a very accessible school trip from the UK.

View our History School Trips to the Opal Coast

Our History School Trips to Krakow and Auschwitz

A trip to Krakow is the perfect way to enhance your students’ knowledge and understanding of what occurred during WWII. A visit to Auschwitz will be an educational and eye opening experience for all, giving your students an unforgettable firsthand idea of what atrocities that took place there. Another concentration camp worth visiting is Plaszow. To gain even more detailed knowledge of the unforgivable story of the Holocaust and the history of Polish Jews, visit The Galicia Museum. To lighten the mood for the rest of the trip, have a wander around the old square to admire Krakow’s array of beautiful architecture. Krakow is home to one of Europe's most magnificent and magical buildings, which are also filled with a lot of history.

View our Krakow & Auschwitz School Trips

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Get in touch with Voyager School Travel to discuss any of these options and work out which one may be best for you and your students. Our expert team will be able to give any required guidance and will be more than happy to create a bespoke itinerary and quote for you.

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Discover our range of history school trips designed to support your history studies


The world is your history classroom

If you were to throw a dart at a map of Europe and decide to take a school tour to that country, the one thing you could study and guarantee finding value in would be its history. Our most popular European school trips for history students include the D-Day landing beaches of Normandy and the WW1 battlefields of the Somme in France and Ypres in Belgium. Further east, Berlin and Auschwitz offer an important insight into WW2 and the Holocaust.

We've seen a growing trend of schools taking history trips further afield and our most popular long-haul history destinations are Vietnam, Washington and New York.

What ever era or topic your class is studying, we can help bring it to life with a bespoke history trip. Talk to one of our country experts to organise a tailored itinerary to match your teaching objectives.

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