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Classics school trips

Our classics tours give students a real understanding of the key building blocks of classical civilisations and their influence on the present day. Whether it's a classics trip to Rome, Greece, or Italy, the first-hand exploration of ancient empires, and historical archaeological sites will bring class textbooks to life and inspire your students' interest and engagement. Delve into the history of the ancients and the birth of modern philosophy on a fascinating and memorable school tour.

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Study classical civilisations on a fascinating school trip to Greece or Rome


Voyager School Travel arranges classics tours to give students a real understanding of the key building blocks of classical civilisations. Whether it's Rome, Greece, Ottoman or otherwise, learnings from these advanced centres of philosophy, power, culture, commerce and war all hold some common ground, and understanding those common elements delivers real insight into the subject

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We have specialised in educational trips for over 10 years and organise school trips for over 25,000 students a year. Read more...

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Teachers’ lives are hard enough without the extra work involved in running a school trip, so we’ll be there for you before, during and after the trip. Read more...

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With a large overseas team looking after the majority of our school trips, you can be sure of consistent and personal service. Read more...

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Our language programmes use our own highly trained native-speakers to create a truly immersive experience which is shown to improve learning and confidence. Read more...

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Our European residential centres offer the highest quality instruction and care which is why 8 out of 10 school groups return to our centres each year. Read more...

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