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Link the outcomes of your language trip to the MFL curriculum

By offering more opportunities for speaking and listening within a totally immersive setting, our language programmes cover more of the aims of the MFL national curriculum than a traditional school trip. Use these teacher resources to demonstrate how your proposed school trip supports the MFL curriculum outcomes.

MFL curriculum teacher resources

To help demonstrate the educational value of our French, Spanish and German language trips, the resources below align the content of our immersive language programmes to the MFL curriculum at Key Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Why link your school trip to the curriculum aims?

By aligning your immersive language school trip to the MFL curriculum you can:

  • Ensure the trip’s learning outcomes are focussed to your learners and targets
  • Support the trip’s assessment and impact on learning, by setting clear and measurable aims and objectives from the outset
  • Demonstrate the further educational value of your selected immersive language programme in comparison to a traditional school trip

Download the MFL National Curriculum Links for our immersive language programmes

Click on the relevant key stage documents below to see how Voyager's language trips align to the national curriculum for French, Spanish and German:

How Voyager School Travel's language school trips deliver MFL curriculum aims

The benefits of language immersion in learning are widely recognised, as documented by the Association of Language Learners, and so form a fundamental aspect of our language school trips.

Over the course of your language immersion programme, our native instructors will lead the group entirely in the target language on a range of activities, be it a cooking a local dish, building a raft or reflecting on their day in their journal. This promotes the application of new vocabulary and understanding through discussion and questioning, with additional writing opportunities available in the exclusive workbooks offered as part of our language trips.

How Voyager's language programmes compare to conventional school trips

Beyond the typical school trip to France, Spain or Germany, our programmes truly immerse learners with native speaking instructors to lead all activities and excursions, giving students authentic exposure to the language during their time with us.

Below, you can see these additional educational outcomes delivered by our language programmes in comparison to conventional school trips.

Take a look at our immersive French, German and Spanish language school trips.

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