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School trips to the UK & Ireland

School trips to UK and Ireland offer a variety of educational excursions close to home. London is an ever-popular destination with an emphasis on history, art and science. Historic cities such as Oxford, Canterbury, Bath, York and Edinburgh host a wealth of attractions and trips to Stonehenge, Stratford-upon-Avon or the Lake District can inspire students whatever their field of study. Ireland our nearest neighbour presents brilliant learning opportunities for pupils studying, geography, history, politics, art and music.

Voyagers School Trips to the UK & Ireland

When choosing a suitable destination for a fun and educational school trip, many teachers tend to overlook the abundance of educational opportunities right on our doorstep here in the UK & Ireland. Whether it's a school trip to London, making the short journey over to Ireland or even bringing a French language escape room to your very own school, Voyager School Travel offers great options for your next school trip.

With opportunities for your students to diverse themselves in history, culture, artscience and much more, we are certain that our team can organise a truly immersive, cross-curriculum UK school trip. Wherever you are based in the UK, you won't be far away from a wealth of fantastic locations and excursions. Our UK school trips can offer an often cost-effective alternative to an overseas school trip, while still allowing your students to learn as much as they would elsewhere.

Read on to find out more about our range of school trips to the UK & Ireland...

School Trips to London

As the capital of England, London is one of the most exciting and diverse cities in the world, and an ever popular choice for teachers when choosing a school trip destination. A school trip to London can be packed with historical, cultural and modern attractions for your students to visit, allowing them to experience a whole range of subjects during one trip. We have a wealth of experience arranging curriculum based excursions, sight-seeing locations and fun attractions for you to experience during your school trip.

A School Trip to London with Voyager School Travel can allow your students to visit world famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and so much more. London is also famous for its many museums, art galleries and of course it wouldn't be a trip to London without seeing a show in the West End! All this right on our doorstep here in the UK, so what are you waiting for, book your UK school trip today!

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School Trips to Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic

Just a short distance from Britain and accessible by coach or air, Ireland is a truly magical location whatever time of year you visit. Jaw-dropping landscapes, natural history and incredibly welcoming locals makes a school trip to Ireland a very popular destination for teachers. Voyager School Travel can offer bespoke school trips to the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland covering a range of subjects from history, art, music, geography and much more.

Our most popular tours focus on the incredible cities of Dublin and Belfast. Famous for its lively culture and proud heritage, these locations are a great place for your students to discover more about Gaelic and contemporary Irish culture. Book your school trip to Ireland today!

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French Language Escape Room

Voyager School Travel can offer a unique experience by bringing a French Language escape room to your very own school. Our escape room provides schools with the same immersive language experiences as our residential school trips without the need to travel. Set up and run by our own native French-speaking animateur, your students will have to work together to solve a number of fun puzzles and uncover hidden clues, all while learning and practising the French language.

This unique learning experience is a great way for your students to immerse themselves in the French language within a fun and challenging environment, without the need to leave your own school!

View our unique French Language Escape Room

History, Art & Science

Our school trips to the UK and Republic of Ireland offer a great range of cross-curriculum activities for your students to immerse themselves in, with emphasis on history, art and science. The UK and Irish Republic are rich with historic attractions such as Stonehenge, the Tower of London and Dublin Castle, giving your students the opportunity to better understand British history.

For the Art students, there's plenty of impressive art museums in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The Irish Museum of Modern Art as well as the Tate Modern in London are some of the most visited art museums in the world, offering a mix of contemporary and traditional art

The Science Museum in London is a must-see for any Science students. This famous museum offers everything from space technology to how a toilet works. Much of what the museum has to offer is interactive, from simulated earthquakes and 3D cinemas to using a computer to see what you will look like at 60!

UK & Ireland School Trip Highlights

Our school trips to the UK and Republic of Ireland are packed full of fantastic excursion options which gives your students the opportunity to visit some of the most famous and educational locations in the world:

  • Buckingham Palace, London - the official residence of the British monarchy since 1837, a must-see for all students.
  • The Tower of London - a must for history students wishing to understand the life and soul of British history over the last 1000 years.
  • Dublin Castle - Built in the 18th century and still in use today, great for History students.
  • The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin- Ireland's most prestigious authority on the presentation of modern and contemporary art, perfect for Art students.
  • The London Eye - take in 360 degree views of the famous skyline of London 135m above the ground, a highlight for all students.

What You Can Expect From Us

We understand that a school trip should be the perfect mix of education, immersion and fun! Our UK & Ireland school trips can offer all of the above, and our team will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure your trip meets all the curriculum and requirements you need. Whether you want to focus on History, Art, Geography, Music, Science or any other subject, you can be sure that your students will return home with a great amount of knowledge as well as fantastic memories to cherish!

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