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Drama school trips

Inspire your budding performers on a drama school trip designed to provide practical opportunities to learn from professionals & prepare for GCSE exams. Watch a live show and partake in workshops—we can tailor your itinerary to your desired learning outcome. You're certain to find something to fit your students, whether a drama trip to London’s West End, one of our popular New York Broadway tours or our fantastic Disneyland® Paris student convention.

Voyager's Drama School Trips

Our drama school trips are the perfect way to inspire confidence and creativity in your classroom of budding actors and actresses. With trips both in the UK and America that can be tailored to suit your curriculum needs, Voyager has built a variety of tours certain to improve classroom performance. Our trips can vary from a 1-night stay in London to a multi-night stay in New York, all organised by our expert team who have years of experience establishing relationships with all of our providers. Our collection of drama school trips allow us to deliver both a fully educational experience whilst also integrating fun and exciting activities which are sure to create memorable moments for students of all ages.

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London Drama School Trips

As a world leader in all things stage and screen, what better place to take your students than right here in London! From the greats of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, Great Britain has a whole wealth of love and understanding for the performing arts. Voyager’s drama school trips to London can be organised with tickets to see a choice of musicals, plays or drama workshops. With limited travel time needed, taking your classroom on a trip right here in the UK can be a great way to give your students a new way of learning and interacting without the need of organising transport abroad. Let your kids learn from professional actors and watch as their skills and knowledge blooms.

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New York City Drama School Trips

Voyager’s New York drama school trips have become ever popular with teachers across the country. The bright lights and fast pace environment of one of America’s most famous cities attracts the attention of drama classes from around the world. Our tours can be built around stage workshops and Broadway performances, with our team enjoying the benefits of long-standing relationships with all of our providers. A multi-night stay in New York will see your students inspired and in awe of the opportunities and potential for drama and the performing arts. For a drama lesson that will leave memories of a lifetime, Voyager’s New York city drama trips are certain to go above and beyond expectations.

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Drama School Trip Highlights

Our drama school trips are packed full of fantastic performance and show options to give your students the opportunity to truly experience a professional standard of the performing arts, completely immersing them in the world of acting, singing and dancing! While on Voyager’s drama trips you could be visiting some of the most famous locations in the world:

  • The Westend, London - arguably one of the most famous and iconic performing arts “hub” in the world!
  • Broadway, New York - expect big lights and dramatic stages from this busy city.
  • Athens, Greece - travel back in time and watch an Ancient Pathos performance.

What You Can Expect From Voyager School Travel

A school trip should be the perfect combination of education, immersion and fun! Voyager’s drama school trips are guaranteed to be just that, perfect for encouraging your classroom to come out of the shells and explore their creative capabilities. Our expert team will work with you to build a trip that meets your unique learning objectives and curriculum needs. We are confident your students will return home with a whole wealth of new knowledge and will form memories they will cherish for years!

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Discover our range of drama school trips designed to support your drama studies


London is a world leader for all things stage and screen

Since the days of the rivalry between William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe in medieval London, the public has been in love with all things stage (and now screen).

A Voyager School Travel tour to London could easily be focused on Drama, we can arrange tickets to musicals, plays, festivals, outdoor events and workshops all of which can be tailored to match your brief. Get in touch today to find out more.

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