Speed up your ferry check-in with these mobile apps

Kate Moore

5 Jan 2024, 16:40
by Kate Moore

New mobile apps for groups travelling by ferry on P&O or DFDS

New apps have been introduced by P&O and DFDS to speed up the check-in process for groups travelling through cross Channel ferry ports. Read our top tips on how to get started.

Key features:

  • All coach groups crossing the Channel by ferry must submit their passengers’ passport details before travel
  • Download the P&O or DFDS app to scan the passport of each member of your group before arriving at the port
  • Once all passport details are entered the information is sent directly to the border authorities

Introducing the P&O Ferries Group Scan app

How to use the P&O Ferries Group Scan app

P&O Group Scan is designed for coach groups travelling across the Channel on P&O. The app allows you to scan the passport details of your school group to speed up the check-in process at the port. 

How to get started:

  1. Download the P&O Ferries Group Scan app from the App Store or Google Play 
  2. Login to the app using the 8 digit booking reference and crossing times provided on your itinerary
  3. You will need to submit a mobile phone number to receive a verification code by SMS to use the app
  4. Enter the vehicle registration of the coach found on your itinerary
  5. You are now ready to start scanning the photo page of each passport
  6. Do NOT click submit until you have scanned the coach driver's passport on day of departure

On the day of departure:

  1. Scan the driver's passport details
  2. Press SUBMIT to complete the process 
  3. The app will generate a QR code which will allow you to pass through UK border control

WARNING! Do not click SUBMIT until you have scanned the coach driver's passport. You cannot scan any more passports once you hit submit.

Introducing the DFDS passenger app

How to use the DFDS mobile app

Groups travelling by DFDS must use the app to scan the passports details of all passengers in their school group before arriving at the ferry port. 

  1. Download the DFDS passenger app from the App Store or Google Play 
  2. Select PASSENGER user type
  3. Log in / Register to the app using the email and password provided in your itinerary
  4. Click on the Profile icon at the bottom of the My Bookings home screen
  5. From the Profile page, scroll down to Coach Scan
  6. Enter the 12-digit verification code starting with YMU provided by your coordinator
  7. Enter the 8-digit booking reference from your itinerary
  8. You can now start scanning the photo page of each passport
  9. Scanning can be done over time and does not need to be completed in one session. You can save your progress and continue later.

TOP TIP! It can be tricky to find the ‘Coach Scan’ function. You need to go to Profile and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to find it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to use the app?

Yes. All coach groups travelling through the ferry ports must scan their passenger passport details before travel. The system has been introduced by the government to ease the passage of groups through ferry terminals by transmitting passport details directly to the border authorities. 

From March 2024 manual passenger lists will not be accepted at port.

How long before the trip do I need to upload our passenger details?

Once you have downloaded the P&O Ferries Group Scan app you can start uploading passenger details within 72 hours of your departure date. You must have scanned all your passenger passport details, including the driver's, before arriving at the ferry terminal.

With DFDS, you can begin scanning whenever you have your groups' passports.

Do we need to scan the passports for both the outbound and return ferry journeys?

If you have a return trip with the same ferry operator, you only need to submit the passenger details once.

If you are using multiple operators, such as DFDS for your outbound crossing and P&O for your inbound crossing, you will have to download both apps and repeat the process on each leg of the journey.

What if I get something wrong on the app or details change after they have been submitted?

You cannot amend the details submitted via the P&O or DFDS app. If you make a mistake, forget to scan a passenger or need to change the details of a passenger, you must do this in person at the ferry terminal.

Please let your driver know if this is the case.

Can more than one staff member use the app to access the booking?

Yes. You can use more than one device to access a single group booking and spread the workload across several staff members. For example, you could allocate each staff member the responsibility of scanning the passports of the 10 students they are responsible for.

Each new device will need to be set up and registered. The P&O app will send a code to your mobile that needs to be input to verify the device.

Of course, once you have downloaded the app and verified the device you can use it for future trips.

Is our passport information secure if more than one device can access the same group booking?

The app is used to scan and transmit passenger passport details from the ferry operator to the border authorities. Scanned passport details cannot be accessed by other app users.

The app is asking for the coach registration, where can I find this?

Your itinerary will provide all the details you need to check in using the apps such as our 12-digit verification code (required for the DFDS app). 

Whenever possible, the coach registration number will be provided on your paperwork. If not, you can start uploading passenger details in advance and add the registration number as soon as it is available.

Note that P&O passengers will need to scan the coach driver's passport details before clicking submit.

Where can I get more help?

If you can't find the information you need in your paperwork or if you need further assistance, get in touch.


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