This is how our French activity instructors steer students to success! Watch learners follow French instructions to build a raft

28 Sept 2023, 10:51 by Sam Taylor

Watch as students from Orchard House School and Bassett House School in London work as a team and learn how to successfully build a raft—while only hearing the instructions in French!

Animatrice•teurs Julie, Titouan & Antoine led the activity—from the safety briefing and equipment check to the workbook exercises, raft construction & final test on the water—while the teachers opted to cheer the students on from the side lines (or simply jumped at the opportunity to stay dry, we'll let you draw your own conclusions...).

Raft building is just one of the fun on-site activities on the programme at Château de la Baudonnière which is designed to encourage your students to use their French and build their confidence speaking the language while interacting with a native French speaker.

Native-speaking staff set our school trips to France apart from the rest

Our animateurs are trained to get the most from your French learners by creating a comfortable and supportive environment where even the most reticent students are encouraged to have a go and use their French—without the fear of making mistakes.

So how do they do it? Gesticulation, repetition, drawing and, most importantly, un grand sourire !

And it works—just look at how the students can understand the instructions despite being spoken to entirely in a foreign language. You can see the confidence and enthusiasm build alongside their rafts as they realise how much French they are capable of understanding in context.

Get the same immersive language experience in Spain & Germany

You can expect the same level of language learning, instructed activities & cultural experiences at our partner centres in Spain & Germany with their very own native-speaking staff—Spanish monitores & German Betreuers.

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