Bayeux Tapestry will close to school visits during major facelift

Kate Moore

15 Feb 2024, 12:51
by Kate Moore

Exciting news is on the horizon for school groups planning a visit to our Normandy centres in 2027!

One of our most popular excursions - the Bayeux Tapestry Museum - is gearing up for a major renovation project to enhance the experience for all who embark on this historical journey.

What is happening to the Bayeaux Tapestry?

The €38 million renovation, led by British architects RSHP, aims to expand the museum's exhibition space and offer an immersive exploration of the Bayeux Tapestry's captivating tale. With careful consideration for conservation, the renovation promises to preserve the tapestry's rich history while providing students with an engaging and educational experience.

The Bayeux Tapestry itself is a masterpiece of storytelling, recounting William the Conqueror's legendary conquest of England in 1066 across nine beautifully embroidered panels. Despite its age, the Bayeux Tapestry has endured centuries of challenges, from fires to political upheavals.

The upgraded experience will reopen in time for the 1000th anniversary of William the Conqueror’s birth in 2028. Once reopened, we expect your students to be transported back in time, immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of medieval Europe.

When will the Bayeaux Tapestry museum be closed?

The Bayeux Tapestry Museum is expected to close on September 1st 2025 and not reopen until the summer of 2027. 

Our local experts will suggest alternative excursions for students visiting Normandy during this period. From exploring historic sites to engaging in cultural exchanges, our immersive French trips provide students with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation of local history and culture.

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to explore the revamped Bayeux Tapestry Museum and delve into the pages of history like never before!

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