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Virtual French language escape room

A unique opportunity for classmates to interact with our animateurs in France without leaving home. Asteroid Alert is a fun interactive experience that brings the thrill of our French Language Escape Room to all students, whether they are being taught at school or learning from home.

  • Voyager owned
  • Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4
  • Native French animateurs
  • Year round
  • Teacher briefing pack & student certificates

A live French activity for students learning from home

The Asteroid Alert escape room is an online experience designed for students to work together from various locations, interacting directly with our animateurs in France via a live link. The immersive activity was specially developed by our animateurs in France for groups who missed out on their French trip and can be incorporated into a remote French lesson.

Make your next French lesson the talk of the school! 

Using experience gained from our popular in-school French Escape RoomAsteroid Alert is a fast-paced language activity which requires cooperation and communication. Classmates will need to work together to spot visual clues, solve puzzles and sleuth their way to victory, whilst communicating in real-time with the animateur - all in French of course!  Students will have so much fun they will hardly notice that they are using their French reading, listening and speaking skills.

This unique interactive activity is for teams of up to six students and takes around an hour. Each group will receive a briefing before contacting the animateur in France with just 40 minute to find the clues and prevent the asteroid strike. The activity can be accessed from the classroom or by students learning from home.

MFL teachers volunteered to try Asteroid Alert for themselves - read what they thought! 

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How to take part

What you will need 

Asteroid Alert is a live online French language activity for groups of up to six students participating from the classroom or from home using a secure meeting platform. Our trained animateurs will lead the virtual escape room activity in real-time via a live link to one of our school language centres in France. Teachers can choose to oversee the whole session, which will last approximately 40  minutes, or drop in at any time. 

To participate, each student will need access to the internet and a webcam. Headsets and mics are recommended (as the game can be noisy) but are not necessary to complete the task. 

Ensure learners get the best from the activity

We recommend that you have a call with the animateur well in advance of the first session to run through the vocabulary students will need inorder to complete the task and to agree how the activity should be pitched to suit the age and level of all your French learners. To ensure every learner can participate some pre-teaching might be required. We will provide you with a vocabulary and planning pack to help prepare.

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The activity

Asteroid Alert is a live online French language activity. The premise of the game is that the students are enjoying a virtual tour of the Bacily Space Monitoring Centre when an alarm sounds - an asteroid is crashing through space and heading straight for the Château de la Baudonnière! The guide leads the students to help them find a code to activate the laser and destroy the asteroid before it hits! There’s only one problem – all the instructions are in French and so the classmates will have to use their language skills to solve the clues which lead to the code and save the Château from ultimate destruction.

The fast-paced game is so much fun, students will not realise that they are practising their French reading, comprehension, listening and speaking skills throughout.

“I enjoyed the mission to save the world from impending doom and found the puzzles well-thought-through and engaging. The animatrice who led us through the mission was very typical of the château staff we have worked with in the past: enthusiastic and helpful, able to get into her role completely and good at giving clear instructions and gentle nudges in the right direction when required. The overall experience was really good fun and very much of the quality we have come to expect from years of visiting the château itself.” 

Teacher trial session feedback from Claire Watson, French Teacher, The Mary Erskine School

MFL teachers volunteered to try Asteroid Alert for themselves - read what they thought!

  • Interactive French language experience with a trained animateur in France
  • 40 minute games for teams of up to six French learners
  • Participate online from multiple remote locations (seven users including the teacher)
  • Can be used in a socially distanced classroom or accessed by students learning from home 
  • Includes online teacher planning and vocabulary pack plus a complementary lesson plan
  • An experienced French-native speaking animateur will lead the session in French via a live link
  • Certificates and stickers for students

Each student will need access to the internet. Headsets are recommended but are not necessary.

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Read what teachers thought of the online escape room!

MFL teachers volunteer to try Asteroid Alert for themselves

Read the feedback

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We tested the game with our year 10 students and they absolutely loved it. They enjoyed the challenge of working out the clues whilst communicating in French. They all said how much fun they had had and they would really like to do it again.
Katharine Ruff, French Teacher at St Catherine’s in Eastbourne