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Our market-leading school language programme offers a totally French-speaking environment which gives students an unparalleled opportunity to practise the French language, in fact, a week at our Château provides school students more exposure to speaking and listening to French than is possible in a whole term of lessons back at school. The result is that our residential trips to our Normandy school language centres are sold out in peak weeks from Easter to July, with priority given to school groups which have stayed with us before.

But MFL teachers in ‘the know’ can still get their students onto our flagship language immersion programmes at La Grand’ Ferme and the Château in Normandy by travelling outside of the traditional peak season. What’s more, by choosing to visit between September and Easter, your school can enjoy priority access to our residential language immersion centres in the future.

With up to 20% off selected weeks at our Normandy centres with our off-season deals, our market-leading language trips are more in reach than you think.

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Why More Teachers Are Travelling Earlier in the School Year

Beat the waiting list
School groups willing to travel before Easter are more likely to get onto our flagship residential language programme and will enjoy priority access in future years

Give your language students a head-start
Our market-leading school language programme offers a totally French-speaking environment which supercharges students' learning at the start of the academic year – it’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 schools return to our Château every Autumn

More educational benefit
Schools wanting to maximise the educational benefits of a French language trip should organise a trip to our residential Normandy centres in spring to give students plenty of opportunity to practise what they’ve learned back at school

More choice of accommodation and activities
Teachers who want the widest choice of activities and accommodation should consider a trip in the spring, when they can also enjoy plenty of individual consideration from our French team

Save up to 20% on your school trip
A change of dates can enable more students to benefit from our market-leading language immersion programme. Schools concerned about providing equal access to school trips should bear in mind that prices in the spring are up to 20% cheaper than the summer term


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“Immersion introduces students to a language in context so that they view it as a component of an entire culture, rather than something static in a textbook. It also helps to build confidence – one of the most difficult aspects of learning a language.“

Catherine Montgomery, Thornhill College

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We had an absolutely ace time with Voyager Adventure in Tossa de Mar, the best week! Sam and Shane were both so fantastic and the whole team did such a great job working with our pupils. Definitely coming back. It's a thumbs up! Alex Jappy, Bridge of Don Academy, Aberdeen

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