Voyager Debut New Portable French Language Escape Room

  • French language escape room

There has been a lot of chatter amongst MFL teachers regarding our latest language immersion programme since we announced it a few months ago. Today at #MFLHub in Plymouth amongst 80 MFL teachers, we got the chance to debut our new portable French language escape room for the first time!


French language educational escape room

Our French douane themed escape room challenges students to use their language skills to solve fun puzzles

Why an escape room?

We wanted to develop a programme that could work in schools, where we could travel and bring the language immersion to you. Our very own French native Animateur, Juju, orchestrated the portable escape room and has created a series of fun, engaging and challenging linguistic puzzles which students will need to use their French language reading, writing and speaking skills in order to solve.

This in-school approach to our language immersion programmes incorporates the core elements which make our school trips so successful:


  • A native French-speaking Animateur to encourage and guide students
  • A fun activity where students have to speak the French language in order to take part
  • Support material to reinforce the language learning
We bring our escape room to you with a native French speaking animateur

We bring our escape room to you with a native French speaking Animateur

How long are sessions?

Each escape room activity lasts around 40 minutes in total

How many students can participate?

The escape room will accommodate a maximum of 8 students at a time

Will it work for my year group?

The escape room activity can be tailored to all key stages and linguistic abilities, from complete beginners to experts

How do I get involved?

Learn more about the escape room and how to bring it to your school here