How much is Paris tourist tax? 2024 rates explained

25 Jan 2024, 17:31 by Sam Taylor

The tourist tax visitors must pay when staying in Paris has increased. So how much is the tax and do you need to pay it on a school trip to Paris? Here's everything you need to know.

How much is Paris tourist tax 2024?

The amount of euros adults must pay is calculated by person by night and varies depending on the star-rating of their hotel.

5-star hotel

€10.73 per person per night

4-star hotel

€8.13 per person per night

3-star hotel

€5.20 per person per night

2-star hotel

€3.25 per person per night

How much has Paris tourist tax increased by?

Paris City Hall has decided to increase Paris tourist tax by 200% for the year 2024. The decision was made to support Île-de-France Mobilités—responsible for public transport including the metro & bus—in transporting the greater numbers of passengers expected in the city for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

How do I pay Paris tourist tax?

Paris tourist tax is paid directly to your hotel in euros via cash or card. At certain hotels it is possible to pay in advance, in which case you will send us the payment and we will pay the hotel on your behalf via bank transfer ahead of your trip.

Do school students need to pay tourist tax in Paris?

No. Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the Paris tourist tax rules. Paris tourist tax only applies to adults on the trip who 18 years old and above.

Why do I have to pay Paris tourist tax?

Visitors aged 18 years and over staying in hotels, aparthotels and furnished rentals during their stay in Paris must pay tourist tax. Tourist tax is commonplace across Europe including popular holiday destinations such as Rome, Milan, Naples & Venice.

The tourist tax has increased by 200% ahead of the 2024 Olympics in order to help support the continued operation of public transport.

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