Key Stage 2 (Primary & Middle Schools)

Interaction educational information for Key stage 2 pupils

Supporting the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages
Key Stage 2

Voyager's Interaction programme is designed to support the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages and assist primary language school teachers to encourage and motivate language development in their Key stage 2 pupils.

'Excellence is obtained from pupils when they understand that learning and being motivated to learn a foreign language is the key to communicate with children from different cultures to their own enabling intercultural understanding.'

An Interaction residential trip to France has an important role to play in Key stage 2 pupils language development. The unique residential Interaction programme for primary schools enables pupils to enjoy communicating with French pupils of their own age, as well as exploiting links with other curriculum areas.

Using our extensive links with Educational bodies in Northern France, Voyager link your UK school with a suitable profile French school in the area. We do this well in advance of your trip so there are plenty of opportunities for email and video conference correspondence before even reaching France. We actively encourage UK and French pupils to get to know one another before the trip in the belief that pupils will feel more comfortable learning alongside children they already know. Because most communication will be via electronic means, links with the Key Stage 2 ICT strategy units are also possible.

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This innovative year long educational programme has two options:
students practicing French at a local market

School Visit

A visit to the French partner school for one or two half days during your stay. Students will get the opportunity to experience authentic French lessons and the difference of school life in France.


Shared Residential

A joint residential stay in one of our centres in France with pupils from the French partner school. Students will enjoy a range of activities whilst engaging with French pupils and improving their language skills. The residential programme includes optional sporting activities which provides team-building opportunities during their stay.

Accommodation & Inspection Visits

Please get in touch for details of accommodation across Northern France, including 4 centres in Paris, and for details of inspection visits.

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Historical and cultural excursions

Finally, your educational residential programme is also tailor-made to incorporate visits related to the curriculum identified by your school. These may include visits to tourist and cultural attractions, surveys of local commerce, studies of historical sites etc.

Evening entertainments

Evening entertainments are carefully devised to include use of the French language, cooperation and communication during the programme.

Follow up to residential trip

Each school has the opportunity to complete a joint educational programme/project linked to key stage 2 strategies after the residential trip enabling year long communication and beneficial linguistic development.

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