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What better way to learn the language, than speaking French, in France, with French school children

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When it comes to Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), the old adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ could not be more appropriate.  Ever since French became a mainstream subject in the British curriculum schools have been taking students to France to gain as much of an authentic and immersive experience as possible, the objective being students gaining a much deeper understanding of the language and culture than can be achieved in the classroom.

A Voyager Interaction trip gives your school group the opportunity to meet up with a French school and French students of similar ages and language skills to your own pupils.

You will be introduced to a suitable French school ahead of your trip and exchange between staff and pupils will begin before you even travel!  Typically, the French schools are keen to get started as soon as possible to make the most of the link between your two schools.   A timescale for this contact will be mutually agreed with support from the Voyager Interaction team in France.

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Key Stage Programmes

Key Stage 2 (Primary & Middle Schools)

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Key Stage 3 (Secondary)

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Key Stage 4

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Key Stage 5

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Student language skills markedly improve through experiential learning

Interaction students

To support your day with the French school, we have a range of tried and tested activities, although some schools opt to do their own thing after speaking to their counterpart in the French school. Each student receives a Voyager Interaction workbook and in the run up to your trip, the schools can exchange emails, photos and video, you might even arrange a video conference or Skype. We actively encourage UK and French pupils to get to know one another before the trip in the belief that pupils will feel more comfortable learning alongside children they already know.

In addition, our team of native-speaking animateurs know just how to get your students speaking French – all day, every day.  They tirelessly encourage interactive responses on excursions and at meal times. You can opt for this extra resource by speaking to your Tours Advisor.

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Other features

Beach group jump

Historical and cultural excursions

Finally, your educational residential programme is also tailor-made to incorporate visits related to the curriculum identified by your school. These may include visits to tourist and cultural attractions, surveys of local commerce, studies of historical sites etc.

Evening entertainments

Evening entertainments are carefully devised to include use of the French language, cooperation and communication during the programme.


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