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What better way to learn the language, than speaking French, in France, with French school children

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When it comes to Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), the old adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ could not be more appropriate.  Ever since French became a mainstream subject in the British curriculum schools have been taking students to France to gain as much of an authentic and immersive experience as possible, the objective being students gaining a much deeper understanding of the language and culture than can be achieved in the classroom.

A Voyager Interaction trip gives your school group the opportunity to meet up with a French school and French students of similar ages and language skills to your own pupils. In advance of your trip our team in France will talk to you about your school and your students and then go out and find a French school with a similar profile. The opportunity to practice speaking French in a fun and supportive environment can be the key to language learning and you will be amazed how quickly pupils start to interact and communicate with one another.

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Student language skills markedly improve through experiential learning

Learning practical French at the market

Our language interaction programme is all about bringing British and French schools together for 1 or 2 sessions, to practice speaking French in a fun and supportive environment, whether at the French school, your accommodation, or both! The Interaction programme gives your students the opportunity to practice their language skills with French students of similar ages and abilities. If your group is based at the Moulin aux Draps this will include taking part in our tried and tested games and activities. Our English bilingual staff based in France, will organise your programmes and are well placed to deal with all your enquiries.

Programmes to suit every Key Stage

Each programme is tailored to the Key Stage of your children and will include time with your partner school, plus historical and cultural excursions in the local area.

Unlike French Exchanges, on a Voyager Interaction programme your group will be accommodated in a local hotel or centre. Available on the Opal Coast, in Paris and Normandy.

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Build new friendships before you travel

Group on a Voyager Interaction tour

Once you have confirmed your booking we will appoint your partner school as soon as possible. You will then be able to begin interaction and communication with your partner school prior to travel. We encourage our groups to exchange emails, photos and even video with your partner schools from then on. Our French office will send you contact details of your French school and can help get the link up and running for you.

Other resources to support your trip include a Teachers Handbook to guide you through the different aspects of your trip, plus Student Workbooks for each participant corresponding with and supporting the activities of the trip.

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