Top 4 creepiest places to visit on a school trip

26 Oct 2023, 10:21 by Sam Taylor

Are you a horror aficionado, dark tourist fan or perhaps a teacher who loves the weird and wonderful parts of history? In celebration of Halloween, we've asked our team of educational travel experts to come up with their top picks for the creepiest places schools can visit on a school trip. Take a look if you're brave enough...


See the underground labyrinth of the Paris Catacombs on a school trip to Paris

1. Paris Catacombs, Paris

If you want to add a horrible histories style visit to your school trip to Paris, your students are sure to be blown away by these massive underground ossuaries. The bones of six million people line the walls of a series of creepy tunnels that you're free to navigate through on your tour. Definitely not for the faint of heart but memorable none the less! Speak to us about your school trip to Paris today.

Tour the history and sculptures of the amazing Wieliczka Salt Mines on a school trip to Krakow

2. Wieliczka Salt Mine, Kraków

Take a guided underground tour through this fantastical and frankly eerie disused salt mine on your school trip to Kraków, which is practically an underground city. The fun tour explores all the twists and turns and requires a lot of walking, but it's worth it to marvel at the chandeliers, pools, chapels and statues carved by miners from rock salt. Get a no-obligation quote for your school trip to Kraków.

Don't miss a visit to the abandoned WWI and WWII era bunkers on your school trip to Berlin

3. Underworld Tour, Berlin

The Berlin-Gesundbrunnen railway station hides an intriguing secret beneath its run-of-the-mill exterior, as besides being a working train station, every Sunday visitors can explore the underground labyrinth of abandoned WWI and WWII era bunkers below the station. Don your hard hats and be led deep below Berlin on this chilling tour. Get in touch to find out how we can make your school trip to Berlin a hit.

4. Napoli Sotterranea, Naples

40 metres below the lively streets of the Historic Centre of Naples, you will find an entirely different abandoned world, desolate, uninhabited and isolated by time. If you're unfazed by dark, cramped spaces, a few low ceilings... and the small fact that you're 40 meters from civilisation and daylight—great! Be our guest and embark on this spine-tingling underground tour of the cavernous tunnel network beneath Naples on your school trip to Sorrento & Naples.

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