What do MFL teachers look for in a school trip?

Be 'That' Teacher!

Our animateur, undivided attention, and sunshine

95,663 UK pupils over the last 10 years

At Voyager School Travel we are very proud that in 2018 we will surpass the 100,000 mark in terms of UK school pupils who have taken an MFL school trip to Europe with us over the last 10 years. 

Why? We are the Language Experts.

The testimonials we receive tell part of our story and some say that statistics don't lie and in that regard, we are arguably the market leaders, but what is the essence of the Voyager Difference?

Chateau climbing wall french school trip

'Escalader le mur!'

“Foreign language immersion programmes delivering hard outcomes”

Everything that is done on one of our language immersion programmes involves practical spoken French, Spanish or German - whatever your students' linguistic ability. Pupils know that if they want something, whether to ascend a climbing wall, learn to kayak or to ask for more bread at dinner time, they need to jump in and try to do so in the language.

The cornerstone of all our language programmes is getting students practising their French, Spanish or German in exciting, friendly, supportive environments where they forget just how much they are using their language skills. After a full week of language immersion, every pupil’s ability to speak the language will have improved substantially, translating into more able, motivated students back in the classroom. Uniquely, the majority of our staff are native French or Spanish speakers.

How about Paris? Learn why it's 'numéro un' here!

Language lessons

French lessons at the Château de la Baudonnière

It's all in the numbers...

We have 8 tried and tested programmes across France and Spain, which 16,593 UK students took advantage of in 2017. Our courses are suitable for all groups, from beginners to A-Level students, with balanced programmes of language lessons, adventurous activities, excursions and evening ents.

286 of our schools have travelled with us every year for the last 10 years!

Teachers at the Moulin aux Draps, Opal Coast

Teachers on an inspection visit in France

Our secret?

  • Native animateurs and staff
  • Company-owned accommodation
  • Bonded and accredited provider
  • Authentic French, Spanish & German cultural experiences
  • Tried & tested language immersion programmes

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