Voyager School Travel's New Spanish Language Immersion Centre

15 Nov 2013, 11:19

Voyager School Travel are thrilled that we now have a new Spanish language immersion centre in Murcia which we can offer our groups. The centre will be run by a local team of Monitores who are qualified teachers and will look after groups during their stay and organise all their activities.

The centre is directly beside the beautiful Mar Menor, and groups will be also learn Spanish and take part in extremely fun activities. The centre also has links to lots of local schools where our groups can interact with other local Spanish students.

The centre itself has amazing facilities, including a huge gym and lots of sports facilities. It is used as a training facility for the British Olympic sailing team and Spanish youth teams due to extraordinary sailing facilities that the centre offers. It also has an Olympic sized swimming pool, modern rooms, a big canteen and a huge multi-activity sports hall. The centre is set on a beautiful, safe, sandy beach where groups can not only partake in watersports such as kayaking, windsurfing and paddleboarding in the Mar Menor, but also enjoy beach games.

The centre has lots of classrooms where groups will have Spanish classes everyday with the Monitores. These lessons are very much focused on the rich culture of Spain, and are very fun, engaging and educational.

Groups also have the oppertunity to go on excursions and explore the local area. A popular destination for groups is the town of Cartagena, where they can visit the Roman Theatre, go shopping, and generally enjoy the experience of being in an authentic Spanish town. Monitores also organise the evening activities for our groups, which include Salsa and Flamenco lessons, quizzes and karaoke nights!

Voyager School Travel are very excited for our groups to visit, and believe that this centre is not only an immersion in the language, but also an immersion in the culture of Spain.

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