With exams over, here's why now is the perfect time to plan your next school trip

Kate Moore

27 Jun 2023, 12:16
by Kate Moore

Whew, you made it! With exams finally behind you and the academic year drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to start planning next year’s educational trip.

We all know cramming before an exam is never a good idea, so take advantage of this slightly less hectic time, get ahead and make organising your next trip a walk in the park. Here's a few reasons why you should start planning now...

Secure your preferred dates & destinations

Our centres are often over-subscribed & popular dates fill up fast. Book early to enjoy a wider range of options and greater chance of securing your preferred dates & destinations.

Enjoy a stress-free summer

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with having your school trip plans sorted before the summer break begins. Strike it off your to-do list now so you can fully unwind and recharge during the holidays.

Keep prices down

Book early to bag the best prices. 2024 flights are now on public sale, which means price will only rise. Secure your flights, coach & accommodation now to stay within budget.

Have more time to promote your trip

Engage students early & give parents more time to save for the trip. Aim to send your letters home this term to drum up interest & maximise the number of students who sign up for the trip.

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Give your headteacher more time for approval

By organizing the trip before the end of the school year, you provide SLT with sufficient time to assess and sign off on the proposed trip. We know the start of a new term is a busy period for everyone, not least headteachers. Planning ahead ensures that your school's headteacher can review the trip in detail, and raise the profile of the department, leading to a smoother approval process overall.

Beat the rush & get ahead

So, now is the time to start planning your next school trip with Voyager School Travel. Act early to secure your preferred dates and destinations, reduce stress, save costs, promote your trip effectively, and provide ample time for headteacher approval.

Our experienced team is ready to assist you every step of the way, from crafting personalized itineraries to ensuring smooth logistics and providing expert guidance. Contact us today to embark on an unforgettable educational experience for your students!

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