Language Show Live!

8 Nov 2013, 11:06

Fiona and Jo finally got to got to the much anticipated Language show to represent Voyager School Travel along with hundreds of other travel and language related companies. The Show was extremely busy, and our French animateur Francois proved extremely popular with anyone that came to our stand. Fiona and Jo had great fun meeting existing customers, potential future clients, and even people that just wanted to say hello!

At the show, there were lots of workshops, classes, seminars and more. Fiona took part in a workshop and even learnt a rap in French!

Lots of people were very interested in our French and Spanish language immersion programmes and were especially pleased that our staff were French and Spanish.

As well as classes in French and Spanish, the Show also offered classes in more obscure languages such as Polish and Korean. Fiona and Jo were also particularly amazed when they got to see a demonstration of a 'Classroom of the Future' where all the students had iPads!

Voyager School Travel staff really enjoyed their days at the Show and hope to see lots of customers again next year.

Hellenthal Eifel student love cropped

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