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The river Rhine and Moselle Valley offers students something for everyone - romantic castles, gothic churches, chocolate factories and the chance to visit phantasialand. Take your students on a school trip to Rhine and Moselle for an unforgettable tour of history, culture and fun.

This school trip to the Rhine & Moselle has something for everyone

The river Rhine lends its name to one of the most popular regions of Germany, renowned for its romantic castles, Gothic churches and vineyards nestled on top of steep valleys. In 2002 the middle Rhine was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage sites.

Fantastic cross-curriculum options

Cologne, Koblenz and Boppard are towns of unparalleled history, charm, culture and beauty that are delightful places to visit all year round. The Moselle Valley offers more of the same, but in an even more tranquil environment. The region provides a superb selection of excursions and visits for your school trip and a Rhine steam trip is included in the price for all Rhineland and Moselle tours.

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  • The magnificent skyline of Cologne at night

  • Fairytale-style houses in the romantic Rhineland and Moselle

  • Burg Eltz Castle on the Moselle

  • School boy enjoying school trip in the Rhineland

  • Marksburg Castle

  • A beautiful view of the winding river Rhine

  • Fun at Phantasialand


Sample excursions

History excursions

Marksburg Castle

Marksburg Castle

With a history that dates back to the early 12th Century, Marksburg Castle is a perfect example of the Rhineland's signature gothic and fairy-tale scenes. It includes a keep, gun battery, gothic hall and torture chamber complete with instruments of punishment. Set high on a hill, it boasts spectacular views of the Rhine valley and it is also the only hill castle in the Rhineland that has never been destroyed. 




Located at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle, this historic city has a castle, the Ehrenbreitstein fortress, an old town, ancient bridges and a wine producers' marketplace.

The beautiful Old Town of Koblenz is where you can really soak up the atmosphere of this small 2,000 year old city. Narrow streets and romantic alleyways weave through the city onto squares, which boast a number of well-frequented shops and cafes. Why not try the local dish, Deppekooche, for a truly Rhineland culinary experience.

The point at which the Rhine and the Moselle meet, Deutsches Eck, literally means 'German corner,' and from here one of the Rhineland's best views can be enjoyed. Sitting above is the impressive monument to Emperor Wilhelm I who was responsible for the reunification of Germany after three wars. The total height of the monument stretches a colossal 37 metres.

Fort Ehrenbreitstein is now mainly thought of as another spectacular viewing point. However, at the point of its construction it was intended to be one of the biggest military garrisons in Europe. 6,500 craftsmen and day labourers were involved in the construction that was hoped would stave off French attack. Students will be impressed by the sheer size of the fort and those who have an eye for beauty will be delighted by the views it has to offer. Enjoy a ride on the new diagonally inclined lift that takes you up through the castle's various elevations.


Burg Eltz Castle

This most fairy-tale like of fortresses is definitely worth a visit. It is perched on the top of a craggy hill, which the castle has worked with rather than against as its irregular floor plan shows, and is complete with towers, turrets and half-timbered gables. The castle is still owned by the family who lived in it 800 years ago and the present owner represents the 33rd generation of Elztes. Opening season: 1st April to 6th December.




The quintessentially Rhineland town of Boppard features a Roman fort, castles, stately homes, churches and the Electoral castle now home to the Boppard museum. For those in search of lovely views, Boppard has its own chairlift ride, which will take you to Gideon's corner or the Four Lakes View at a height of 240 metres in just twenty minutes.



Cologne boasts a world famous chocolate museum and is a treat for all involved. Trace the path of the cocoa bean from its time spent in an Amazon rainforest to its use on an industrial scale. Not only will your students find out about the 3,000 year-old history of chocolate, from the Aztecs to the present day, but also everyone can benefit from tasting the delicious treats that the museum has to offer. From the chocolate museum, you are ideally located to move onto Cologne's historic Old Town and impressive Gothic cathedral.


Not only is Cologne's 'Dom' the most visited landmark throughout the whole of Germany, it is also Germany's tallest Cathedral. Although construction began in 1164, it was not completed until 1880 due to French invasion and a lack of funds. It was not that long ago, in 1880, that it was still the largest building in the world at a height of 157 metres and with a floor space of 8,000 square metres. In 1164, the relics of the Magi (three wise men), were brought to the cathedral from Milan and since then has been one of the most important sites of pilgrimage for Christians across the world.  Despite being in construction for six centuries, the cathedral as we see it today remained remarkably true to the original plans and although it was hit by 14 large aerial bombs during World War II, the Dom has survived and well deserves its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure you visit the Magi shrine, the treasure vaults and, for the more active among you, climb the 533 steps to access the magnificent views of Cologne from the 95 metre tall tower. The opening hours are long, but sightseeing is not possible during Mass. (As with all religious buildings regulations relating to clothing and noise level should be observed). 


The Old Town is where you can really catch a glimpse of Cologne's impressive 2000 year history. The winding streets, the beautiful squares and the ancient churches (many of which are still being restored after the devastations of World War II) offer opportunities for students and teachers alike to relax and soak up the atmosphere of one of Germany's most beautiful cities.

As you can imagine, Cologne plays host to some of the most magical Christmas markets throughout Europe and are an excellent opportunity for students to practise their language skills with the traders.

Cross Curriculum Excursions

The River Rhine

Rhine Steamer Trips

A Rhine Steamer trip is the perfect way to witness the true beauty of this part of Germany. They operate each day from most of the towns along the Rhine.



This theme park is a combination of amusement park and adventure playground (suitable for all ages), with six different themes giving inspiration to the different zones: Fantasy, Deep in Africa, Berlin, Mexico, Mystery and China Town. It describes itself as "a breath of fresh air in summer and a glittering wonderland in winter." 


Niederwald Memorial

Niederwald Memorial

250 metres above the Rhine, the Niederwald Memorial commemorates the re-establishment of the German Empire in 1871, and the views are magnificent. The monument is over 132 ft. high and 120 ft. wide. A massive 32 tons of bronze were required for casting the monument! Either make your way up via the footpaths from Rudesheim or relax in the cable car. If you want to make a day of your stay in Rudesheim then the toy museum, showcasing toys from 100 years ago to the present, is always a popular visit, as is Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet Museum, which houses a quirky collection of automated instruments with a fascinating history to go with them.

Sample tour

Rhine and Moselle school tour - 4 days

Day 1

  • Depart School

Day 2

  • Marksburg Castle
  • Rhine Steamer Trip
  • Rudesheim
  • Niederwald Memorial

Day 3

  • Phantasialand

Day 4

  • Depart

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In short it was absolutely excellent. I don't think I can thank you enough Phil, for providing such a fantastic experience for the children. Your staff were top notch and were the icing on the cake. Their experience, knowledge, enjoyment and the way in which they related to the children was second to none. They are certainly a group of staff who you must feel very proud of. Thank you. Dick Wilde, Queen's College Junior School

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