Rosemary joined us for a trip to the Euro Space Center and is now a career astronaut!

Kate Moore

28 Nov 2022, 13:08
by Kate Moore


Back in 2018, Dr Rosemary Coogan accompanied Voyager School Travel on a fact-finding trip to Euro Space Center in Belgium. Who knew that a few years later she would go on to become the UK’s third ever astronaut?!

We are thrilled to hear that Dr Rosemary Coogan is among five scientists chosen by the European Space Agency (ESA) to be Europe’s next ‘career astronauts’ to work on the International Space Station (ISS) and beyond.

Dr Rosemary was one of more than 22,500 candidates who responded to ESA’s call for new astronauts and following a rigorous selection process, Dr Rosemary was announced as the UK’s third ever astronaut, after Tim Peake and Helen Sharman. She starts a 12-month basic training at ESA’s European Astronaut Centre in Spring 2023 to prepare for missions to the ISS and possibly even the moon.

Voyager School Travel’s trip to Euro Space Center with Dr Rosemary Coogan

Dr Rosemary Coogan – a friend of Voyager School Travel – accompanied us on a staff trip to the Euro Space Centre in Belgium back in 2018, where over a thrilling weekend the Voyager team and family got to live out their childhood dreams.

Our school trips to the Euro Space Center in Belgium takes budding scientists and aspiring astronauts on a crash course through the cosmos in what is certain to inspire an interest in all things science and space exploration.

The activities for school trips to the Euro Space Center, Belgium

To begin our jam-packed fact-finding trip to the Space Centre we took a crash course in science, physics and the solar system with our Euro Space guide. Then we were ready for our first mission—to experience take off in the shuttle simulator with other members of the team assigned roles in a replica NASA control room. In another mission, the group even repaired in a satellite in microgravity!

Who knows, after an inspirational visit to Euro Space Center, maybe one of your science learners will end up as a career astronaut like Dr Rosemary!

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