Not all history was horrible...or was it?

The Barmy British Empire

The Barmy British Empire

To most teachers, parents and children the Horrible Histories TV shows, books and even stage shows have been a fantastic way for children to learn and engage with history ever since the first books were published in 1993 and the first TV series aired in 2001.

Their combination of facts, stories and humour with lovely illustration have made them a mainstay of home and even school based learning and a runaway publishing success that continues to go from strength to strength.

Here we take a light-hearted look at some of the books and some of the history subjects that might inspire you and your class to take a school trip with Voyager School Travel.

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Were the Romans really ruthless?

Ruthless Romans

"Which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels, who were the terrible twins who founded Rome and which evil emperors made murder a sport?" HH

You don't have to know your Romulus from your Remus to know that a visit to Rome can be a defining moment in the education and understanding of the modern world for a student, or an adult, as ancient as the civilisation may seem.

There's probably no other city globally that can inspire horror, awe and amazement in equal measure, with the huge volume of historical sites such as the Forum, Circus Maximus and Colosseum, the enormous religious presence of the biggest church citadel in the world, The Vatican, and the the dolce vita of the thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan capital of art and fashion that cannot fail to entrance you.

Voyager offer a number of school trips to Italy, to Venice, Florence or Naples for example, but our Rome tours, either our standard tour or our Religious and Classics focused tour are consistently the most popular.

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Horrible Histories

The Greeks were Groovy alright!

Groovy Greeks

"Why did girls run about naked pretending to be bears, who had the world's first flushing toilet, why did dedicated doctors taste their patients' ear wax?!" HH

Commonly referred to as the 'Cradle of Civilisation', Ancient Greece was a truly remarkable culture that is attributed with founding the a myriad of modern human disciplines. From Politics and Democracy, Philosophy, Literature and Theatre, to Music and Dance, Science and Technology, Art and Architecture; the truly staggering human achievements of this era are mind boggling.

And that's without mentioning the most enduring Mythology and Theology to have arisen throughout human history!

Modern Greece is peppered with echoes of it's illustrious past, from the Parthenon in Athens to the numerous epic sites at Delphi, Corinth, Olympia and Mycenae and from a Classics or History perspective, Greece is a mandatory inclusion on any aspiring students wishlist.

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Victorious, Villainous or both?

Villainous Victorians

"Why were burglars were scared of bogies, which poet said he ate an ape and how might a snick fadger kiddy-nap your spangle?" HH

On 9 September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. The 63 years and 216 days that Queen Victoria sat upon the throne were some of the most eventful in British history, particularly when it came to technological and scientific advances. From the publication of the Origin of Species to the height of the Industrial Revolution and the building of the railways, Victorian Britain was recognised as the first real period of accelerated change in the modern era. 

In comparison to the pace of the 21st century, 19th century life would probably seem sedate, but in reality it was far from it. A school trip to London cannot ignore the huge impact this period had on the city. The Palace of Westminster (or Houses of Parliament) is one of dozens examples of Victorian architecture that have shaped the aspect and atmosphere of the capital. Buckingham Palace, The Royal Albert Hall, St. Pancras Station and the Natural History Museum are all grandiose projects demonstrating what the advances in technology, as part of the Industrial Revolution allowed architects to achieve.

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Frightful First World War Cover

The First World War certainly was Frightful

Frightful First World War

"What did the 'Fat King' do with food scraps and dead horses, and how sniffing your own pee could save your life in a gas attack" HH

In 2017 we are in the midst of many centennial anniversaries of events and battles that took place during the First World War. 'The Great War' or 'War to end all Wars' was a human tragedy on a truly epic scale with over 38 million casualties. Of course the main 'theatre' of this conflict was Western Europe and in particular France with the entire north and east of the country representing the battlefront for 4 long years.

Voyager School Travel offer a number of school trips to France and Belgium that encompass many of the main sites of both World Wars. Our Battlefields and Beaches Tour takes your group to all the key sites across the 2 conflicts whereas our D-Day Normandy School Trips delve a little deeper into the specific events that led to the eventual surrender of the Nazis. 

Many of our other tours to France and Belgium touch on the history of the area as cross curriculum trips with a language focus.

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