Language School Trips With a Difference - Our French Animateurs!

23 Nov 2016, 14:46

Our French animateurs at work

MFL NEWS: The key to language learning while abroad is a combination of cultural immersion, building students confidence and using and practicing the language at every opportunity. Voyager provide school trips with a difference. 

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That's why Voyager School Travel have over 30 dedicated native French animateurs who accompany your group throughout any language trip to France. Our animateurs are based in our 3 language centres in Paris, the Opal Coast and Normandy. Whether your group is on an excursion or doing activities, at mealtimes or during the programme of evening entertainments, you can be sure that our animateurs are encouraging and helping students to improve their skills.

 "Juju was brilliant with the children, wanting to know them and keen to make them speak French. Quite frankly, he became part of our team very naturally and was invaluable"

It's a formula which is proven to work - so why not get a no obligation quote today and discover #theVoyagerDifference! Call 01273 827327 or contact us via our booking form for a no-obligation quote.


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