What are the educational benefits of a French Language Immersion school trip? A teacher explains!

25 May 2023, 13:48 by Sam Taylor

Hear Luke Woolnough, MFL Teacher at The Sweyne Park School, explain the educational benefit and results achieved by taking a French language immersion residential with Voyager School Travel to Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy.

Find out more about this extraordinary French trip that will get your learners using more French in a week than in an entire term of lessons at school.

How is language immersion different to a regular school trip?

Our MFL school trips are different because they are led entirely in French, Spanish or German by native-speaking instructors to create a truly immersive language experience which is shown to improve students' learning and confidence.

Not only that—by offering more opportunities for speaking and listening within a totally immersive setting, our language programmes cover more of the aims of the MFL national curriculum than a traditional school trip.

Teachers rate our immersive approach to language learning

In an interview with Tes, Catherine Montgomery, French teacher at Thornhill College, shared her experience of one of our French language immersion programmes.

Catherine goes on to explain how taking an immersive French language school trip with us has been an effective tool in increasing her students' confidence in speaking French, which she believes is "one of the most difficult aspects of learning a language".

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