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Kate Moore

3 Jul 2023, 17:45
by Kate Moore

As the summer term unfolds, Voyager School Travel enters an exciting season with countless school groups embarking on their unforgettable adventures. At this time of year, we are thrilled to hear about the enrichment our language trips bring to students and these recent five-star Google Reviews exemplify the experiences of groups on our European residentials.

Memorable Educational Experiences

We believe that immersion is the most effective way to learn a new language and it’s this approach that sets our language programmes apart from other school trips. From the moment they step off the coach, all students hear is the target language, allowing them to engage with the local language and culture in a tangible and memorable way.


Dedicated Animateurs

Behind our popular residentials is our dedicated team of French-native animateurs. Recruited and trained for their ability to get the best from your learners, our animateurs will lead all group activities from breakfast to evening entertainment. They can persuade even the most reticent student to use their French which means you can sit back and enjoy the trip alongside your group.


Exceptional Support for Teachers

It is the job of our Coordination Team to ensure that itineraries are meticulously organised and travel plans are hassle-free, enabling teachers to focus on the needs of their students. These destination experts in our UK head office speak eleven different languages which means that you can be sure that arrangements have been properly taken care of and there will be no surprises with your travel plans.

Our Coordinators are often the unsung heroes which is why we are super thrilled when their efforts are recognised by teachers.



We are grateful to the schools, students, and parents who have entrusted us with their educational trips and residentials and to the teachers who take time out of their busy schedules to write us a review.

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