The best tweets you shared from your school trips this term

6 Jun 2022, 18:23 by Kate Moore

Giving children the chance to encounter new cultures, learn new skills, and gain a greater understanding of the wider world - it's what we're all about!  This is why there's nothing better than seeing your school trip social posts and photos. Here are our favourite school tweets so far this summer term. We think you'll agree they are a tribute to the teachers and children who have embarked on their first school trips in more than two years! We salute you...

We couldn't have put it better

This post says it all! It encapsulates what we've all missed about school trips over the last few years. Many thanks to Horris Hill School for posting this super picture of their school trip to Normandy in May. 


Award for Best Singing! 

Thank you Wesbtrook Hay School for posting this fantastic video of your breadmaking session at Chateau de la Baudonniere in May. Some might say you were practising your French, expanding your vocab, and building confidence to sing in a second language! Others might say you were just having fun. You decide.




Award for Best Dancing! 

We see some amazing talent on our Time to Shine Trips to Disneyland Paris and so it is so difficult to choose just one performance. But Phoenix Dance & Drama School - you were outstanding at Time to Shine May 2022.



Four seasons in one day

What to pack for a school trip to Italy in April? Thankfully, Bassingbourn School you were well prepared for sunshine and snow on your school trip to Pompeii.



Best staff photo

It's rare for the teachers to get a mention and so we were thrilled to see this staff pic from Long Field Spencer Academy on your trip to Cologne in April. Also up for the best matching puffa jacket award. 



Coolest group outfit

Another mention for Longfield Spencer Academy's trip to Cologne, this time for the boys wearing matching Cologne souvenir beanies - very cool!



Snail-eating award

The children on a residential at Château de la Baudonnière are encouraged to get fully involved and try new things - including local French food. Well done to all the children from Westbrook Hay School who were brave enough to try the snails on the menu! 




Best use of an iconic landmark 

We loved this creative shot of Parmiter's School trip to Paris with the Eifel Tower in the background, taken on their trip in April.



Dive right in! 

Well done to the children of Orchard House school who didn't seem to mind the mud on their trip to the Chateau in April and for getting stuck into all the activities. These shots are stunning! 






Tweet of the week - overall winner!

Special mention to Tim Kelley for starring in this brilliant video. Everyone at Voyager HQ voted you as the star of the show for your fantastic tour video - in German. A star in the making.



Did your trip make our list of favourite school trip photos and social posts?

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