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GDPR Statement

Class Tours Ltd, Castaway School Travel Ltd t/a Voyager School Travel, Château de la Baudonnière, La Grand' Ferme & Normandy Experience will all be fully compliant with the new GDPR Regulation from May 25th 2018 onwards. To assist you with any requests for information, please find below the answers to some FAQs.

What information do we collect?

We will only collect information that is necessary to process your booking. This may include names as per passport, other passport information, dietary information, medical information, plus any other information that is necessary to process your booking.

Use of your information

We will process your information in accordance with GDPR regulations and only pass on information to suppliers or other organisations where it is necessary to process your booking.

Your rights

You are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you and to correct any inaccuracies. You also have the right to ask us to remove you from our database or choose which information (if any) we are sent. This can, of course, affect our ability to process your booking.

How long do we store the information you send us?

Your data will be kept for the duration of your booking and for up to 1 year after your return, which is the deadline for processing any insurance claims.

Where is it stored?

Your information is stored on our own secure server.

Where are the servers located?

Our servers are located in the UK.

Who do we pass the information on to and what information is passed on?

We only pass information to suppliers for whom it is necessary to have that information in order to process your booking. For example, we will pass API information to airlines or dietary requirements to hotels (we can pass dietary information anonymously to hotels if needed). Our suppliers are contractually obliged to delete any information we have provided once the booking is complete.

Is data encrypted?

Where possible we will ensure that all personal data is transported via a secure means.

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