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A school trip to New York will prove to be one of the most memorable times of any pupils education, but combine this with a performing arts focus, a visit to a broadway show and a drama workshop, it can only leave a very positive, lasting impression on a young mind.

Whilst the itineraries on our tours to New York are not necessarily drama focused, we would be delighted to work with Party Leaders to create a bespoke itinerary that delivers a truly memorable experience for drama students.

The team at Voyager Worldwide have the expertise and know-how to prepare the perfect tour to suit your needs. Whether that might be performance-lead, with your group rehearsing and performing a show at venues within the city, or maybe procuring discounted tickets to see famous Broadway shows or specific plays at first hand, talk to us today to see how we can help plan your perfect trip to the bright lights of the Big Apple!


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School trips to The USA

School trips to The USA

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