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There are no prizes for guessing which musical tradition the New Orleans tour taps into. Jazz beats pump through the cultural epicentre of the Deep South and will give you and your group an understanding of jazz, its origins, its importance to the New Orleans community and why it spread so quickly throughout the world.

  • Parade in New Orleans
  • Float at Mardi Gras
  • New Orleans
  • Street Musicians

Jazz, Blues, Cajun, Gospel...New Orleans has it all

New Orleans hosts a high number of music festivals across the year, a favourite being the fusion of music and food that is the annual Cajun festival -  a feast of New Orleans culture. The French Quarter Festival is Lousiana's largest free music festival and features the world's largest jazz brunch. Another musical tradition pertinent to the Deep South is Gospel, and, much like our Sunday lunches, a tradition within the New Orleans community is to enjoy a Gospel brunch.

The House of Blues hosts its very own, where you can listen to Gospel music and feast on some of Louisiana's finest food. Most of your performance will take place in high traffic areas, where audience members stop and listen as it takes their fancy. This is how the music scene in New Orleans tends to manifest itself, which means that as you perform you'll be properly integrating with the city's music culture.

You can also soak up the history of this richly diverse culture on an excursion to The New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park or the Backstreet Cultural Museum.


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Day 1

  • Arrive at New Orleans airport
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Jonh McCusker's Cradle of Jazz Tour (if a Saturday)
  • Lunch
  • Free time to explore the city, perhaps starting with the French quarter
  • Evening rehearsal
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 3

  • Attend a Gospel Brunch (if Sunday)
  • Attend an afternoon workshop on Gospel singing
  • Evening performance on a Steam Calliope on the Mississippi
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Backstreet cultural museum excursion
  • Performance at Jackson Square
  • Evening at leisure
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 5

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Behind the Scenes WWOZ radio station tour
  • Performance at New Orleans Arena/Hornets Basketball
  • Evening at 'Ogden After Hours' 
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 6

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Morning at leisure
  • Wednesday at the Square
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 7

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Jazz National Historic Park Excursion
  • Rehearsal
  • Performance at St Louis Cathedral
  • Dinner at hotel

Day 8

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transfer to airport for return flight home
Ogden Museum

© John Seb Barber

'Ogden After Hours'

More than a Museum, the Ogden Museum is home to the celebration of Southern culture, including the region's unique blend of musical styles and talents. 'Ogden After Hours' offers Museum visitors a weekly opportunity to celebrate the music of the South in an intimate and unique way. The musicians perform live and are interviewed by a guest journalist about their Southern influences, and visitors are also welcome to present their own questions. This is an excellent opportunity for your group to learn about Southern music in a low-pressure environment - it is the chance for your curiosity to be given full leash

The New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park

© Chris Waits

The New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park

The New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park, presents a story rich with innovation, experimentation, controversy and emotion. The park provides an ideal setting to share the cultural history of the people and places that helped shape development and progression of jazz in New Orleans. The Louis Armstrong Park is part of the New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park and is there to celebrate the life and works of America's most famous musician. Located in the heart of the New Orleans French quarter, the park's visitor centre offers diverse opportunities to learn about the history and culture of New Orleans jazz. Ranger-led demonstrations, talks, video documentaries and live music spill forth from the centre six days a week. Lastly, Perseverance Hall in Louis Armstrong Park is the new home for the weekly kid's music workshop, which might be of interest to your group.

The Backstreet Cultural Museum

© Barry Solow

The Backstreet Cultural Museum

The Backstreet Cultural Museum holds the world's most comprehensive collection of artefacts relating to New Orleans' African-American community-based processional traditions, including Mardi Gras, Indian processions and Jazz funerals. The museum has records of over 500 events, which have been filmed and constitute the most cohesive archive documenting these cultural traditions. In addition to its permanent  exhibits, the Backstreet Cultural Museum hosts public performances of music and dance. The museum is a pillar in the Treme community, where seond-line parades begin and end, and is active in the community promoting art and culture as important to the neighbourhood's identity and future.

WWOZs headquarters

© Infrogmation of New Orleans

Behind the Scenes Radio Tour

If you're after a real treat then head towards WWOZ's headquarters, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage community radio station, for a behind-the-scenes tour. The listener-supported radio station airs a superlative play list of blues, jazz, Zydeco, Cajun, gospel and more, so you're sure to have a great time.

Lafayette Square

© robbiesaurus

Wednesday at the Square

Between the months of March and June head down to Lafayette Square for a relaxed afternoon-evening of music. Listen to the various performing artists, relax on the grass, eat the delicious treats available to you and soak up the atmosphere where time seems to stand still and people are so laid back they are horizontal.

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