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Discover a unique culture on a trip of a lifeltime

With its rich and diverse culture, ancient history and awe-inspiring scenery, China offers a unique educational experience. As China becomes more important to the global economy there has never been a more exciting time to visit this incredible country.

Our escorted school tours to China include full-board accommodation, entrance fees, a national guide to accompany you throughout and experienced local guides in each city. Other tour variations are available, including 6 days to Beijing and 9 days to Beijing, Xi'an, Suzhou and Shanghai. Please telephone 01273 827 327 for more details or use the button below.

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It's possible to change the itinerary below to suit your needs. Get in touch to find out more

  • Day 1 - Depart UK 
  • Day 2 - Arrive Beijing, China – Transfer to hotel
  • Day 3 - The Great Wall of China – Ming Tombs
  • Day 4 - Tianaman Square – The Forbidden City –Summer Palace –Train to Xian 
  • Day 5 - Arrive Xian Wild Goose Pagoda – City Wall – Tang Dynasty Art Museum
  • Day 6 - Qin Terracotta Army Museum – Hua Qing Hot Springs  – Return to Beijing
  • Day 7 - Temple of Heaven – Wangfujing Street Shopping
  • Day 8 - Return Flight

Day 1 - Depart UK

Depart the UK on your overnight flight to China.

Day 2 - Arrive Beijing, China – Transfer to hotel

Arrive in Beijing. Meet your English speaking guide and then transfer to your accommodation and check in. spend the afternoon at leisure and enjoy dinner. Overnight Beijing.

Day 3 - The Great Wall of China – Ming Tombs

Breakfast at your hotel and then meet your guide and private transfer for a full day of sightseeing in Beijing. Today you will visit The great Wall of China and Ming Tombs. The Great Wall of China covers over 5,500 miles and covers deserts, grasslands and mountains. Now a world Heritage site by UNESCO the Great Wall was built to protect China from the many nomadic tribes. As well as a protector of the land the wall quickly became a safe trading route, which meant trade could be regulated and duties collected along the silk road.

The Ming Tombs has 13 emperors and 23 empresses buried in the tombs. As you walk round tombs, notice the layout with the strong mountains as the back drop and then clam flowing river alongside the tombs. This was all built using Feng Shui and designed to keep bad sprits and evil winds out.  Overnight Beijing

Day 4 - Tianaman Square – The Forbidden City –Summer Palace –Train to Xian

Breakfast at your hotel and then check out of your accommodation. Today you will enjoy another full day of slight seeing in Beijing before departing on your overnight train to Xian. First stop is Tianaman Square. Located in the centre of the city this is the world's largest public square (the size of 90 football fields). In the centre of the square stands the Monument to the People's Heroes, a 124-ft.granite obelisk, engraved with scenes from famous uprisings. We continue with a visit to the Forbidden City, a massive complex of red-walled buildings and pavilions topped by a sea of glazed vermilion tile. It is by far the largest and most intricate imperial palace in China and receives more visitors than any other attraction in the country. The Summer palace, is a stunning mix of lakes and gardens. Board your overnight train to Xian.

Day 5 - Arrive Xian – Wild Goose Pagoda – City Wall – Tang Dynasty Art Museum

Arrive in Xian and then you will meet your transfer and guide and check into your accommodation and freshen up for a full day of visit to the Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian City Wall and the Tang Dynasty Art Museum. Your first visit today is at the Wild Goose Pagoda which is a Buddhist Pagoda, built in 652 during the Tang dynasty.

Xian is an ancient capital of china and because of this has one of the oldest city walls in all of china. Decorated with traditional lanterns along the wall is hard not to be impressed! Continue the tour and visit Tang Dynasty Art Museum. The museum offers you a change to get up close personal to some of the most historical art from all of China. Overnight Xian.

Day 6 - Qin Terracotta Army Museum – Hua Qing Hot Springs – Return to Beijing

After breakfast you will meets you guide and today you will visit the Qin Terracotta Army Museum, Hau Qing Hot Springs before boarding the train for your overnight train back to Beijing. First visit of the day is to the world famous Terracotta Army. Discovered by farmers who were digging a well in 1974. You can only imagen what their reaction was when they came across all these Terracotta faces looking back at them and having been buried for just over 2000 years.

The army was believed to have protected the Emperor in the afterlife. In the afternoon you will then go onto Hau Qing Hot Springs. These hot springs where used by the imperial emperors and its history dates back over 3000 years. Enjoy your time wondering around the gardens as possible one of the world’s oldest spas. Overnight travel to Beijing. 

Day 7 - Temple of Heaven – Wangfujing Street Shopping

Arrive in Beijing. Meet your guide and transfer to your accommodation to freshen up before you go onto visit the Temple of heaven and WangFujing Street. The Temple of Heaven, an enormous park and altar to Heaven directly to the south of the Forbidden City. Each winter solstice, the Ming and Qing emperors would lead a procession here to perform rites and make sacrifices designed to promote the next year's crops. After you will enjoy some free time to enjoy some haggling with all the local traders of Wangfujing Street. Overnight in Beijing.

Day 8 - Return Flight

After breakfast, you will check out of your accommodation before meeting your transfer and heading to the airport for your day flight back to the UK. Arrive back in the UK late afternoon.

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