School trips to Russia


Russia – the biggest country in the world – has a rich heritage in art, music and dance. And, to visit parts of Moscow and St Petersburg, with their fascinating Medieval, Tsarist and Soviet-era history, is like going back in time...

To Russia with love


Moscow may be the capital city of Russia, but St Petersburg, formerly Leningrad, is known as the cultural capital. Moscow is a buzzing metropolis which provides well-known attractions such as the Kremlin and Red Square. However, it’s the historic centre of St Petersburg that provides the unexpected delights, with such a jaw-dropping selection of buildings that UNESCO has chosen it as a site of important architectural heritage. The rivalry between the two cities is ongoing and a Voyager Worldwide history tour will show you why.

A tale of two cities


The Voyager Worldwide tour of Russia starts in Moscow, one of the most important cities in world history. On one of our private coach tours of the city you’ll see sites of importance from recent history, like the bunker Stalin used in  World War II, but also from further back in time, such as St Basil’s Cathedral, built by Ivan the Terrible and shaped like giant flaming candles. After this you will travel north from the current capital to Russia’s former capital: St Petersburg. Situated at the mouth of the river Neva, St. Petersburg was founded by its namesake Peter the Great. It will keep you entertained with its fabulous cathedrals and fascinating museums like the Museum of Political History of Russia and the Museum of Defense.

An Eastern European enigma


A Voyager Worldwide exploration tour of Russia is a wonderful experience that will allow students of history, whatever their key stage, to compare and contrast two very vibrant localities. Russia is an amazing country and a visit here will help dispel some of the myths and propaganda that were built up over half a century of Cold War.

“Moscow is the heart, and Saint Petersburg is the head.” Old Russian saying
“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Winston Churchill
“The Iron Curtain may be a thing of the past, but Mother Russia is as mysterious as ever.” Robert Gottlieb

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