School trips to Ecuador


Ecuador simply has it all with a landscape that encompasses Amazon rainforest and the rugged Andes. It also has a string of volcanic islands which include the Galapagos – made so famous by Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution!

Wild and wonderful


The beautiful South American country of Ecuador is named after the Equator which crosses the country. It’s the fourth smallest South American country and with good roads and transport links it’s pretty easy to travel around. This means you’ll experience each of the geographical regions; whether that’s trekking off into the highlands of the Andes, heading to the white sandy beaches of the Pacific coast, venturing into the Amazon rainforest or flying to the easternmost island of the Galapagos archipelago, San Cristobal. On your journey you’ll spy spectacular birdlife; including macaws of every colour. You will encounter a wide array of monkeys – look out for howlers, capuchin monkeys and marmosets – and mammals (spot the ocelot, tapirs, capybaras and river dolphins). Together with a multitude of reptiles, amphibians, insects and over one hundred different types of bat, this really is a wildlife wonderland!

Welcome to the ‘Light of America’


There is no better place to start your tour than the capital city of Quito – nicknamed ‘Light of America’. Perched high in the Andes it is the highest capital city in the world and the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you are here you’ll see some colourful street markets and hop aboard the sky tram. An overnight stay at the luxurious Shiripuno River Lodge is another highlight of our tours. From here, local guides will take you into some of the most unspoilt areas of tropical rainforest to be found anywhere in the world. You really will be living, breathing and feeling the magic of the rainforest! A trip to the Galapagos Islands is a dream destination for many budding biologists. Snorkelling with sea lions and other marine life will make it the ultimate adventure too!

‘All you need is Ecuador’


Voyager Worldwide has a selection of educational tours that will give your students a real feel for the indigenous culture, history (Incas, etc) and biodiversity of this awe-inspiring country. Whether you are looking for that extra special Geography, Biology or General Studies school tour then give Voyager a call. Together, we can create the bespoke educational tour of Ecuador that you will never forget.

“As the days passed, I learnt the mesmerising song of the toucan, gulped mysterious molluscs as if eating jelly, and watched in wonder as a 56-year-old local woman scaled a 30ft papaya tree in seconds.” Jo Walker, winner of Telegraph travel writer competition, writes about her time in the rain forest of Ecuador
“…by far the most remarkable feature in the natural history of this archipelago [Galapagos Islands] …is that the different islands to a considerable extent are inhabited by a different set of beings…I never dreamed that islands, about fifty or sixty miles apart, and most of them in sight of each other, formed of precisely the same rocks, placed under a quite similar climate, rising to a nearly equal height, would have been differently tenanted.” Charles Darwin, ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’
“Ecuador has raucous festivals every month, so whenever you visit there's an excuse to party” Ben Westwood, Guardian Travel

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