School trips to Costa Rica


Welcome to the South American country of Costa Rica, one of the most ecologically fascinating and diverse places on the planet. Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in South America to take your students on a school trip where they immerse themselves in the Spanish language, vast ecotourism and geography.

An oasis of peace and diversity


Despite being situated in Central America – a part of the world often associated with conflict – Costa Rica has developed a reputation as one of the safest and most stable countries in the region.

Exotic eco paradise


Costa Rica’s stability stems stems from economic successes that are largely thanks to agriculture and ecotourism. Not only is it a land with over 500,000 different species of exotic animals – the three-toed sloth, the strawberry poison dart frog and the ocelot are just a few examples of its amazing wildlife – it has a progressive attitude to preservation, conservation and sustaining its ecology. Nearly 25 per cent of its territory is protected in some way. It is a land of rare beauty and fabulous resources, incorporating lush rainforest, luscious pineapple fields and lucrative coffee plantations.

Culture, nature, adventure


When you take one of Voyager Worldwide’s educational school tours to Costa Rica you will sample the rich delights of a country that joins the continents of North and South America. Your starting point will be San Jose – this cosmopolitan capital city is the economic focus of the country and is both stylish and safe. From this central location you’ll visit natural wonders such as Monteverde’s Cloud Forest, the Arenal Volcano and National Park and the caves at Venado. Along the way you will get the opportunity to try kayaking and sky bridge walking. What is more, our programme is teeming with wildlife: you’ll see pools packed with frogs (look out for a newly-discovered species of glass frog that looks like Kermit the Frog!), trees filled with monkeys and beaches strewn with turtles.

Add colour to the curriculum


Voyager Worldwide educational tours of Costa Rica will bring vivid colour to Geography, Biology or General Studies and help with Spanish lessons too! Few places on the planet can enhance your student’s education with a display of such magnificent biodiversity, progressive ecological policies and breathtaking scenery.

“Costa Rica, with its tourist-based economy and lack of a national army, has focused on keeping safe its beaches, parks and other public draws. It is one of the safest countries in Central America...” Laura Chinchilla
“A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.” DoE National Geography Programme of Study Key Stage 3.
“GCSE biology specifications should require students to: describe both positive and negative human interactions within ecosystems and explain their impact on biodiversity and explain some of the benefits and challenges of maintaining local and global biodiversity.” DoE Biology GCSE subject content.

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