School trips to Cambodia


Cambodia has a challenging history and a mysterious past. The temple complex at Angkor Wat is a highlight for students of Religious Studies but any of the sites associated with the Khmer civilisation are fascinating for everyone. Together with its rich cultural heritage, this is a destination that will certainly captivate you…

Cambodia – the ‘Golden Land’


A visit to Cambodia is like a visit to the past. Its name derives from the Sanskrit for ‘The Golden Land of Peace and Prosperity’ but for much of its history there has seldom been peace and its population has experienced little prosperity. It is now, however, one of the fastest growing economies in the region and is rapidly becoming a destination for travellers seeking an experience of a lifetime. It’s a different world where you can wander around ancient temples in the jungle and shop from boats in floating markets.

Places of peace and pilgrimage


A Voyager Worldwide educational tour to Cambodia will start in Phnom Penh, the capital city, on the banks of the Tonlé Sap – the river that feeds the rich ecosystem that sustains the area. From there a visit to Angkor Wat is essential. Angkor Wat, first built in the 12th-century, is the world’s largest religious complex and is so historically important that it has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The temple was originally built as a place of Hindu worship, but over the years it switched to Buddhism – Cambodia’s main religion. What hasn’t changed is the awe-inspiring majesty of the site.

Trip of a lifetime


Whatever key stage your students are studying, a Voyager tour of Cambodia will bring the key subjects of History, Geography and Biology vividly to life. The rich history, the remarkable buildings and landscapes and the unique biosphere provide a stunning backdrop to a Voyager tour that will create incredible memories to last a lifetime.

“Negotiate a river by following its bends, enter a country by following its customs.” (Cambodian Proverb)
“A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.” DoE National Geography Programme of Study Key Stage 3
“With the Khmer Rouge now disbanded and a relatively stable government in place, the country has done an impressive job of plastering over the tragedy and unrest of its recent past. Phnom Penh is full of bustling street-cafes and tourists in rickshaws visiting the glittering royal palace. The people are charming and friendly but behind the facade the country's scars are still there.” Comedian Stephen Merchant, on his travels in Vietnam and Cambodia, The Guardian, 2008.

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