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For many years a forbidden land, now Burma is beginning to reveal its secrets. And, now is your chance to marvel at the ancient pagodas and temples and see the sunset over Mandalay Hill...

Burma – the undiscovered country


For many years Burma, also known as Myanmar, was a restricted place, run by the strict and oppressive junta military rulers. Only the most dedicated and determined travellers would dare to venture over its border but with the move away from military rule towards democracy, many more people can now explore this fascinating land. One positive aspect of its slow introduction to the 21st Century is that much of its rich ecosystem has been preserved. Time moves fast, however, and now is a great time to visit this strange and exotic land before the tide of progress changes it for good and for bad.

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Taste of the old Orient


A Voyager Worldwide trip to Burma has to be accessed via a quick stop in Bangkok, Thailand, but then it’s on to Rangoon (also known as Yangon), its biggest city, where you will see beautifully preserved 19th-Century architecture from the period of British Colonial rule. Other highlights of the tour include the fabulous ancient pagodas, the temples and monasteries of Bagan and Mandalay and the floating gardens and markets of the Inthra people who live on Lake Inle, near Heho. Along the journey you’ll encounter a gentle people that still work the land with their hands and excel in ancient cottage industries like weaving, lacquering and paper-umbrella making. You’ll also sample some delicious local dishes based on rice and noodles and influenced by Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Buddhist way of life


A Voyager Worldwide trip to Burma will give your students, whatever subject or key stage they are working at, a valuable insight into a culture and that has been isolated for so long, before it is altered forever by much-needed progress. Those studying Religion will see Buddhists practising their devotions in ancient temples. And for students of History or Geography there is the thrill of witnessing a land that has remained untouched for centuries. All will experience something that few others have or ever will.

“What does Burma have to give..? We can give you the opportunity to engage with people who are ready and willing to change a society.” Aung San Suu Kyi
“Our country used to be isolated. Now we are getting back to our right place in the world.” U Thein Sein, President of Myanmar
“Seek wisdom like a beggar.” (Burmese Proverb)

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