Netherlands Travel Guide

The biggest of the Benelux or lowland countries, The Netherlands is an excellent option for a school trip for students of any age.

Netherlands school trip travel guide

An introduction to the Netherlands

Whilst gift shops are overflowing with clogs, windmills, tulips and cheese, it’s very hard to stereotype the Dutch people. You're sure to receive a warm welcome, the vast majority of people speak English fluently and those who dwell in the cities are truly cosmopolitan with a liberal, relaxed, open-minded attitude.

It comes as a surprise once you have visited the open expanses of the reclaimed land that makes up 20% of the country’s area, that the Netherlands is actually one of the most densely populated nations on the planet.  In the height of summer in Amsterdam for example it's certainly busy and queues for highlights such as the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank's house can be daunting.

The capital is a truly beautiful city with its maze of canals, bridges and tall thin coloured houses with charming gabled facades. There's plenty to see across the rest of the country, Den Haag is the old capital and home to the government, foreign embassies, the Royal Family and the UN International Court of Justice. Rotterdam is Europe’s busiest port and is home to a real multi-ethnic community along with futuristic architecture and a thriving art scene.

All visits are covered by our externally verified Safety Management System and are pre-paid when applicable. Prices and opening times are accurate as of May 2018 and are subject to change and availability. Booking fees may apply to services provided by Voyager School Travel when paid on site.

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Anne Frank’s House

The house and former hiding place of Anne Frank, where she filled the pages of her diary is now a world-famous museum. The museum tells the history of the eight people in hiding and those who helped them during the war. Anne Frank’s diary is among the original objects on display.

Price £5
Opening times April-October 09.00- 22.00
November-March 09.00-19.00 (22.00 Saturday)

Coster Diamond Factory

Visit one of the oldest operating diamond polishing factories in Amsterdam. Coster was responsible for the creation of some historical masterpieces, like the re-polishing of the Koh i Noor, mounted in the Crown of Queen Mary, which is displayed in the Tower of London amongst the other Crown Jewels.

Price Free
Opening times 09.00 to 17.00 daily

De Oude Kerk

The Old Church isn't just used as a place of worship, but also as a concert hall, wedding venue, and exhibition and reception area. It is called Amsterdam's living room. This has always been the case: Fishermen repaired their nets, Sweelinck played the organ, and Rembrandt took out his marriage licence here. Generations of Amsterdam’s citizens, including the naval hero Van Heemskerck, are buried here.






Price 7,50€ each for a Group 20+
Opening times Mon - Sat 10:00 - 18:00, Sun 13:00 - 17:30

Kamp Vught

Although the museum is only a fraction of the former concentration camp, it still is an impressive place to visit. The monument shows to what lengths of brutality and inhumanity the Nazis went.

Price Adult: 7,50€
Children (10-17 yrs): 3,00€
Opening times Tuesday to Friday 10.00 to 17.00
Saturday / Sunday 12.00 to 17.00
Monday 10.00 to 17.00 (April - September)
Monday (October-March) Closed.


Het Vrijthof, Maastricht’s great city square has attracted people since the medieval period, and is now adorned with shops, cafes and lovely restaurants. Adjacent to the Vrijthof is the St. Servatius Basilica, a beautiful Romanesque Cathedral with crypts and treasures.

Visit Maastricht Underground to see the Caves of St. Pieter. There are over 20,000 mining tunnels where miners left behind their marks in the form of various texts and pictures on the walls.

For an above-ground experience, The White Village of Thorn offers both beauty and intrigue. It dates back to the 10th century and was once a miniature principality with its own currency.


The Roman caves, caverns and mines draw visitors to Valkenburg. The town is also host to the Netherland’s most elevated castle. From the top of Valkenburg castle you can enjoy delightful views of the surrounding area. You may also wish to enjoy a ride in the Wilhelmina Tower chairlift and/or on the toboggan run.

Thinking about the 'Dam?


NEMO Science Museum

NEMO is the largest science centre in the Netherlands. With five floors full of exciting things to do and discover, it is the perfect place for anyone with an inquiring mind. Everything in NEMO is connected to science and technology. Exhibitions, theatre performances, films, workshops and demonstrations. After a visit to NEMO, you will know why bridges are so strong, what you will look like in 30 years, why you look so much like your parents, how to purify water, what happens when you kiss, how lightning and satellites work and much more.

Price Primary school pupil 5.50€
Secondary school pupil 6.50€
Teachers free
Opening times Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 -17.30
 Mondays 12 Feb to 9 September -  same opening hours

Corpus Experience

Travel through the human body! CORPUS is situated in a 35-meter high transparent building with the contours of a human body. This unique museum explains young and old how our bodies function.

Price 10,75€
Opening hours Weekdays from 09.30 to 17:30;
Weekends and holidays: 09:30-19:30

Rotterdam Zoo

The zoo has become one of Europe’s most beautiful. Dive into the indoor Oceanium and make a magical voyage to the bottom of the sea and along coastal regions, meeting many marine and coastal inhabitants such as fish (from herring to sharks), puffins, snakes and a large group of king penguins. 

You can wander through different global landscapes where you will see fascinating animals that are perfectly at home in specially recreated natural landscapes.

Price Adults (12 years or older): 23,00€
Children (3-11 years): 18,50€
Opening times 09.00 to 18.00 daily

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is the world’s most beautiful spring garden, with over 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths in bloom. In addition to over 32 hectares of flowers, the spring garden offers 30 inspiring flower shows, 7 amazing inspirational gardens and 100 wonderful works of art.landscapes.

Price 6,00€
Opening times Opens from 22nd March until 13th May 2018

The Keringhuis

The Keringhuis is the Public Water Management Information Centre about flood risk management in the Province of Zuid-Holland and the centre includes the impressive Maeslant Storm Surge Barrier. Since the opening of the information centre in 1996 over 1.2 million visitors have discovered the ins and outs of Dutch water management.

Price £39.75 for 35 students up to 17 years
Opening times Monday – Friday 10.00 to 16.00
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
11.00 to 17.00

Zaanse Schans Museum

With its traditional green painted houses, warehouses and windmills, this museum takes you back to the 17th-18th century. See traditional Dutch crafts such as cheese and clog making.

Price Free
Opening times 09.00 to 17.00 daily


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The recently extensively refurbished Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum in Amsterdam, located on the Museumplein. The museum is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art. 

Van Gogh Museum

The museum houses the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world. It provides the opportunity to follow the artist’s development, and compare his paintings to works by other eminent 19th century artists. The museum also holds an extensive number of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th century art history.

Price Under 18s free
Adults £17pp
Opening times Every day: 09:00 - 18:00
Fri: 09:00 - 22:00

Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk is a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design in Amsterdam. It is located at the Museum Square close to the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Concertgebouw.

Price Students £9pp
Adults £17.50pp
Opening times Every day: 10:00 - 18:00
Friday: 10:00 - 22:00

Rembrandt House

Get to know the master personally by visiting the home and studio of the illustrious artist Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669). In this house, where his son Titus was born and his wife Saskia died at a young age, many of his famous masterpieces were made. The interior of the house has been restored to its former, 17th-century glory and the rooms have been refurbished with works of art, furniture and other objects from Rembrandt's period.

Price Under 18s £4pp
Adults £13pp
Opening times 10:00 - 18:00 daily


The museum was designed by the Dutch architect H.P. Berlage. It is renowned for the world’s largest collection of De Stijl and Mondrian, including the latter’s final unfinished painting, the creatively named “Victory Boogie-Woogie”.

Price Under 18s free
Adults £13.50pp
Opening times Tues - Sun: 10:00 - 17:00

The Kroller Muller Museum

The Kroller Muller began when a wealthy Dutch husband and wife began to give up their successful business in favour of collecting art. The collection was donated to the state of the Netherlands, which built a museum to house it. The museum has a wonderful collection of Van Gogh works, with 93 paintings and 183 drawings. There are also some superb works by Monet, Gauguin, Picasso, Mondrian and more...

Price £13.30pp
Opening times Tues - Sun: 10:00 - 17:00




Want to see Van Gogh?



Duinrell is an amusement park which also contains the ‘Tiki Pool’, Europe’s largest covered water park, which also boasts the world’s longest waterslide.

Price Contact your Voyager salesperson
Opening times See website for opening times

De Efteling

The largest theme park in the Netherlands is fantasy-themed; its attractions are based on elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, fables and folklore.

Efteling caters to both children and adults with its cultural, romantic and nostalgic themes and its variety of amusement rides. It is twice as large as the original Disneyland park in California and predates it by three years.

Price Group rate £19pp
Opening times See website for opening times

Canal Cruise Amsterdam

A cruise along Amsterdam’s picture-book canals is something not to be missed! Boats float past some of the city’s most beautiful spots. While gliding through the old centre of the city you see elegant merchant’s mansions, carillon-crowned churches and the warehouses with their rich history from Holland’s Golden Age. 

Price Over 12's £16pp
Opening times See schedule on site
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