Black Forest Travel Guide

The Black Forest could claim to be the birth place of the Fairy Tale, and with just cause...the whole area is enchanting.

Black Forest school trip travel guide

An introduction to the Black Forest, Germany

Anyone who might have read any Grimm fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel will be able to conjure an image of the deep Black Forest and the atmosphere within.

A school trip here is not just about enjoying the stunning landscapes and lush forests of this mountainous region, there is a wealth of educational content to be found, from the fauna and flora to the historic spa town of Baden Baden, or over the border from southwestern Germany into France and Strasbourg, home to a spectacular gothic cathedral, which until 1874 was the world's tallest building, and the seat of the European Parliament.

Non-academic activities that the students may enjoy include a boat trip or even a swim in Lake Titisee, or a day out at Europapark, the largest theme park in Germany.

All visits are covered by our externally verified Safety Management System and are pre-paid when applicable. Prices and opening times are accurate as of May 2018 and are subject to change and availability. Booking fees may apply to services provided by Voyager School Travel when paid on site.

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The city of Strasbourg is geographically French, but doused in Germanic culture. This European combination makes it a truly unique city. You’ll hear French, German and Alsatian speakers (the region’s dialect).

Strasbourg’s Gothic Cathedral houses the Astronomical Clock; the original calculator, which revealed when equinoxes would take place as well as the occurrence of leap years.

Stroll around the cobbled streets and admire the gingerbread-like buildings of the city centre. Strasbourg is also the political seat of Europe and host to the European Parliament, among others.


Most famous for its beautiful waterfalls which cascade down 151 metres, Triberg is a traditional German town in the heart of the Black Forest. The Triberg Falls are a series of short waterfalls in the Gutach River and although they are not the highest falls in Germany, they are probably the most famous because of their accessibility. Be prepared for a steep walk up a choice of three different paths, but remember the views will make it all worth the effort.

Whilst you're in Triberg don't forget to go and see the World's largest cuckoo clock (located in nearby Schonach), famous in the region, or the House of 1000 Clocks displaying a huge variety of unique and fascinating clocks.


Freiburg is a relaxed, tranquil and picturesque university city and is often thought of as the 'Jewel of the Black Forest'. Be sure not to miss one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe adorned with some truly monstrous gargoyles. For those of you who have enough energy, climb to the top of the minster's tower for some fantastic views of the city and the surrounding areas.

Every morning from Monday to Saturday, there is a charming market in the town square immediately outside the cathedral. The vendors are local people selling local produce with goods that will charm and delight - pick up a Bratwurst mit Brotchen for lunch as you'll be hungry after your climb to the top of the cathedral tower!

Before leaving the town, hike up the Schlossberg to get to the tower on top (which should take around 15 minutes) and you will be rewarded with amazing views of the Black Forest, Freiburg and even some of the Alps. Alternatively, take a cable car to Schauinsland, but be warned that it may not run in bad weather.



Baden-Baden is an historic spa town at the foothills of the Black Forest, featuring well-known restaurants, Germanic cafes with window displays filled with Black Forest Gateaux, and shops galore.

Visit the historic Roman-Irish Friedrichsbad spa, the Festspielhaus, Europe's second largest opera house and concert hall and the Museum Frieder Burda, which focuses on Classical Modernism and contemporary art. Whether you're after culture or relaxation Baden-Baden will deliver.


Vogtsbauernhof Open Air Museum

Open from late March until early November, the open air museum at Vogtsbauernhof will give you and your groups an insight into how Black Forest farms were between the 16th and 18th century. You will have the opportunity to see a storehouse, bakery, stillhouse, grain mill and sawmill, as well as the farms themselves.

Most of the buildings are open to the public, and furnished farmhouse parlours, bedchambers, kitchens and much more will be on offer for you and your groups to explore. A huge variety of traditional crafts are demonstrated every day and guided tours are also possible.

Price Students £4
Adults £10
Opening times 24 Mar - 4 Nov : 09:00 - 18:00 daily
Aug: 09:00 - 19:00 daily
Ready for an adventure?


Lake Titisee

Lake Titisee is a natural reservoir surrounded by glacial moraines. It is 2km long, 700 metres wide and provides some of the best sun-bathing and waterside activities in the Black Forest. You can choose to swim in the lake or in the lakeside heated swimming pool. Alternatively, you can take boat trips, rent pedalos or stroll into town via the pedestrian underpass.


In such a fairy-tale like setting, it is more than appropriate that the Black Forest has its very own theme park complete with Enchanted Forest and Adventure Land. Europa-Park is the biggest theme park in Germany; it is divided into 15 separate areas named after different European cities and/or regions. Look out for the park mascot, a grey mouse named Euromaus, and some of his twelve or so other friends!

Price £26.50
Opening times 24 Mar - 4 Nov: 09:00 - 18:00 daily


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