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From the Sistine Chapel, to St Peter's Basilica, Vatican City guarantees an inspiring school Religious Education trip. The world centre of the Roman Catholic Church, a trip to the Vatican helps students understand it's power and dominance over religious and cultural beliefs throughout history.

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Over 2000 years of religious history on your doorstep

The length and breadth of the continent, Europe is peppered with sites of religious significance, it hosts probably the most diverse population of followers of different beliefs and is home to the mother churches of all the main branches of Christianity.

As a result there are some well trodden paths to places of pilgrimage that might constitute your school trip. Then again, a Religious Studies school tour may well combine with a music tour if your school choir is hoping to perform in places and buildings in keeping with your faith.

It could even take an architectural focus gazing in awe at the Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame, or the Sagrada Familia for example. Having organised numerous tours to fit this brief we'd be delighted to discuss your requirements, so please drop us a line to find out more.

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