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The cradle of civilisation, ancient cities, wonder and awe await students on a Voyager School Classics tour. Experience amazing landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Acropolis and Olympia. Delve into the history of the ancients and the birth of modern philosophy on a fascinating and memorable school tour.

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Rome school tour

Experience a school trip to remember on a Voyager tour...

Naples & Sorrento school tour

Spectacular scenery and world-famous archaeology make the Bay of Naples...

Greece school tour

Discover classical civilisation on our Voyager school trip to Greece....

Turkey school tour

Discover a beautiful heritage, where Europe & Asia collide. Experience...

The influence of classical civilisations on the modern world is immeasurable

'Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime' Aristotle.

Probably the greatest philosopher to ever have lived, it would have been impossible for Aristotle to draw this conclusion had he not born witness to the rise of some of the greatest empires in history.

Voyager School Travel arrange Classics tours to give students a real understanding of the key building blocks of classical civilisations. Whether it's Rome, Greece, Ottoman or otherwise, learnings from these advanced centres of philosophy, power, culture, commerce and war all hold some common ground, and understanding those common elements delivers real insight into the subject

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With classical history, religion, food & culture, a school trip...


Go on your own Odyssey to Greece...


The territory where Europe and Asia collide...

“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe”

H.G. Wells

“While there's life, there's hope”

Ancient Roman Proverb

“Modern man is just ancient man…with way better electronics”


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