UK Schools French Language Escape Room

Portable In-School French Immersion Activity

The escape room is a unique and enjoyable way to improve students’ French language learning and confidence without leaving the school. Using our considerable experience of running immersive school language trips in France, and led by our experienced French native speaking animateurs, the escape room provides the same engaging and authentic French experience of our residential language trips without the need to travel.

The escape room is housed in a weather-proof tent which is set up in your playground or school hall. The tent is filled with props and objects in which groups of students solve a series of puzzles to complete their mission within a time limit. What makes the Voyager escape room different is that the whole activity is conducted in French to create a fully immersive experience. The escape room is a great focal point for a school Language Day.

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"The activity was very immersive ... so much fun and a great way to enjoy French outside the classroom."

Ms Fondu, French teacher at Reading School

  • The portable escape room set up in a school hall


French Language Escape Room

The escape room experience includes:

  • Half-day or full-day hire
  • Teacher planning pack
  • A trained native French-speaking animateur to lead students through the session
  • Portable escape room and props set up at your school
  • Student certificates upon completion
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Activities and Learning

Our experienced French animateur will lead the session, briefing each group on the storyline beforehand and providing additional hints to students as required - but only if they ask in French.

Your students will imagine that they are stuck at the border in France where they are waiting to return back to England, however, there is one problem, their passports are locked in a safe! The aim of the story is for students to retrieve their passports within 30 minutes before the ferry departs without them.

To complete the activity students will have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles which aim to get students using their French speaking and comprehension skills in a fun and challenging environment outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Students have fun exploring the room and its props while working together to uncover hidden clues and using their French vocabulary to decipher the messages. This unique immersive experience promotes collaborative learning and teamwork, as well as the use of French language to achieve a goal.

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"Such an amazing experience! Juju was outstanding outstanding with his leadership, his  enthusiasm and his 100% French. The pupils raved about it. "

Leslie Baldwin, French teacher at Crosfields School

Perfect For

The escape room allows one or more year groups to access our French language immersion programme regardless of whether they can go on a school trip to France. The activity is perfect for French learners in KS3 and early KS4. Our trained animateurs can differentiate the challenge according to the level of each group.

"A number of puzzles required the students to use their French skills and it kept the students on their toes as they had to work out the meaning of some specific words. Despite the immersive aspect and challenging vocabulary, it was absolutely manageable for Y7 and Y8 students as Juju was able to adapt the level of support he was giving the students during the activity. I would really recommend this game for KS3 as a nice stretch and motivational boost."

Ms Fondu, French teacher at Reading School.

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At a Glance

Educational Objective

Build French-language reading, comprehension skills and confidence

National Curriculum Aims

Build confidence in conversation and supports spontaneous conversation

Activity Type

French language immersion escape room


In school


Escape Room can be booked for a half day or full day

Each group session lasts 40 minutes including introduction and debrief


The activity is run in groups of up to 8 students per session

Activity Staff

Dedicated native French-speaking animateur will lead the activity

The Voyager Difference

This unique activity offers students the opportunity to practise French in an immersive environment led by a trained native French speaker.

"An excellent, novel way to make the children speak. The pupils enjoyed the novelty, originality and problem-solving of it. it made some children realise they knew and understood more French than they thought they could. One pupil mentioned the session in his leaver's best memories."

Anne Le Floch
Head of MFL, Hazelwood School


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