School Trips to Turkey

Steeped in history as the territory where Europe and Asia collide, Turkey is at once fascinating and over time, captivating. Rich with archaeology, architecture and art history, Turkey has the perfect balance for a fantastic educational trip.

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A clash of cultures rich in history and flavours

At 3 times the size of the UK in terms of area, Turkey is territory rich in variety of terrains, with coastlines on the Med, Black and Aegean Seas, mountain ranges, peat bogs and steppes to educate and inspire a geography or science student.

If classics or history is your subject focus, very few places worldwide can surpass Turkey in terms of legendary names. Troy, Ephesus, Constantinople, Byzantium, Halicarnassus, Hattusha, Pergamon, Nemrut can all be found here, each with it's own awe-inspiring set of historical stories.

The former capital, (once Constantinople, then Istanbul) is a tapestry that assaults the senses at every turn. The stunning Islamic architecture and the atmospheric buzz of the hundreds of bazaars and markets that are peppered across the city are enough to satiate even the most energetic student, and that's before you consider art, philosophy or politics! Phew!

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"Thank you for an outstanding school trip. Everything was perfect – transport, accommodation, food and visits."

Rob Smith, Kings Norton Boys School

Centuries of conflict have made Turkey the cultural melting pot it is today

Ephesus, Turkey

Have you ever sat on an Ottoman and wondered about it's origin? Have you considered the impact of the crusades or where is the end of the Silk Road? These are questions that can be explored and understood in Turkey.

A school tour to Turkey needs to be planned well, there is such a wealth of destinations that it is impossible to take everything in. It's likely your trip will focus on history or geography but be sure to compliment this with more leisurely activities.

The coasts are famous for the chance to swim with turtles and of course your trip would not be complete without visiting one of the numerous spas and mud baths found all over the country.

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“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”

Henry Miller

“No road is long with good company”

Turkish Proverb

“People travel to far away places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home”

Dagobert D. Runes

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