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Experience cities and the seaside

Our Netherlands school tour includes a wonderful choice of contrasting regions and cities. The capital, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan, relaxed, car-free city famous for its canals and Rembrandts! Noordwijk offers the attractions of a modern seaside resort but is close to Amsterdam and the Hague. Valkenburg is perfectly located at the crossroads of Europe, with easy access to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg. 


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  • Visit the beautiful historic squares in Amsterdam and Maastrict

  • The canal bus is a great way to get around Amsterdam

  • Rollercoaster ride at Amsterdam

  • The Netherlands is famous for its windmills and fields of tulips

  • Walk the streets and canals

  • The Netherlands is famous for its museums and galleries

  • Student enjoying the outdoor life in the Netherlands

  • Barges and boats moored at the side of a canal in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam at night


Sample excursions

Cross Curriculum Excursions



There is plenty to explore in the beautiful and historic city of Amsterdam.  This is a city of art, music and history!

Located in the city centre, Anne Frank’s House is an easy and popular excursion. The story of the young Jewish girl that lived in this house during World War II has the power to move and intrigue visitors.  Anne kept a diary while her family hid away from the Germans in the house. As well as visiting the actual rooms where the family hid, the collection at the museum focuses on the wartime persecution of Jews, contemporary fascism, racism and anti-Semitism. 

The Van Moppes Diamond Factory was the first factory to open its doors to the public, and a tour to one of the busiest and oldest diamond factories in Amsterdam will show how master craftsmen have been making exquisite works of art for over 170 years. So well established is the Van Moppes reputation that it was entrusted with the job of polishing the world-famous 'Koh-I-Nor,' a blue white diamond, which is part of the Queen's crown jewels and one of the biggest whole diamonds in the world.

The Heineken factory is also worth a visit - the Dutch don't think of it so much as a factory than as an 'experience' and so it is often dubbed 'The Heineken Experience.' Multi-media exhibitions allow guests to see, hear, smell, taste and enjoy all of Heineken's delights. The tour is finished off with a well-deserved beer. 

Once you've seen the sights, take a boat trip or walk along the canals and admire the elegant Dutch architecture that lines canals and streets alike.

Heemstede Museum


Fascinating museum explaining how 25 per cent of the Netherlands was reclaimed from the sea.



Maastricht was the first Dutch city to be liberated by the Allies during World War II and it is where the 1992 Maastricht Treaty was signed, leading to the creation of the European Union.

Visit the Caves of St.Pieter to see the result of hundreds and hundreds of years of mining for marl (a crumbly mixture of clays, calcium and magnesium carbonates). The mining of the caves probably began during the Roman period, but Maastricht was so often under siege, because of its excellent strategic position, that it also served as a refuge for the town's residents. Listen to the stories of survivors and see the facilities that were put in place for those who sought shelter there.

Another underground experience at Maastricht, is a trip into the casemates, or mine galleries. During times of siege, these tunnels were used to approach the enemy as surreptitiously as possible. For seven centuries work was being continuously carried out to improve the defensive systems of the city, which resulted in a warren of underground passageways, which could hold army units with as many men as 5,000.

The White Village of Thorn offers both beauty and intrigue. It dates back to the 10th century and was once a miniature principality with its own currency and laws, led by an abbess and a convent of twenty noble ladies. In 1794, the French came and interrupted the peace of this quiet village, forcing aristocrats living in the area to flee. The French claimed a tax, which was based on the size of the windows, which the poor populations who were living in the large houses formerly owned by aristocrats could not afford. To escape the tax they often bricked up their windows and then tried to cover up their poverty by painting the houses white.

The great city square of Maastricht, Het Vrijthof, is well worth a visit. It has attracted people since medieval times when pilgrims went to see the grave of Saint Servatius, and it is now adorned with shops, cafes and lovely restaurants. Adjacent to the Vrijthof is the St. Servatius Basilica, a beautiful Romanesque cathedral with crypts and treasures.


Luxembourg City

Luxembourg is one of Europe’s smallest sovereign states and possibly the most dramatically situated city in Europe! Its spectacular valleys and plateaus mean it is frequently nicknamed 'Gibraltar of the North'. Visit the High City (Ville Haute) for the medieval town core, Low City (Ville Basse), for what is thought to be the most picturesque area and Kirchberg for the modern city full of European Union buildings.



The magical caves, caverns and mines at Valkenburg date back to Roman times and are a real treat to explore. The town is also host to the Netherland's most elevated castle. Its first fortifications were built around 1115 and they consisted of a rectangular keep. In 1937, during restorations, workers discovered underground passages embedded beneath the castle, which were used as escape routes during sieges. From this elevated position, you can enjoy delightful views of the surrounding area. You may also wish to enjoy a ride in the Wilhelmina Tower chairlift and/or on the toboggan run.


Duinrell Theme Park

Duinrell is Europe’s largest covered water park, and it includes the world’s longest waterslide and bob-sleigh.

Art Excursions



The Van Gogh museum has more works of Vincent Van Gogh's than anywhere else in the world. You can compare and contrast his work with other nineteenth century artists who are also in the collection.

The Rijksmuseum has existed for more than 200 years. The collections are housed in a beautiful building that was designed by Dutch architect, Petrus J.H. Cuypers, which has been the home of the Rijksmuseum since 1885. Go to the Rijksmuseum to see Rembrandt's 'Night Watch' and several other masterpieces by Vermeer and others.

The Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art is also worth a visit to see works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Gilbert and George. The museum has been rennovated in recent years and was reopened in 2012.

Rembrandt House museum is a modern annexe that has been built adjacent to the painter's former home. This annexe and his home form the Rembrandt museum, which documents his life and work. You will be able to see his living quarters, his workshop and a collection of the possible tools he used.



The famous Gemeentemuseum, or City Museum, was built in 1935 by H.P. Berlage and has a number of masterpieces, from Expressionists to Modern work including that of Mondrian. Go to this museum to see Vermeer’s 'View of Delft'.

The Kroller Muller Museum

Kroller Muller Museum

The Kroller Muller Museum is about six miles from Arnhem and is easily accessible by bus and train from Amsterdam. The museum was founded because of the Kroller Mullers, a wealthy Dutch couple who gave up their successful business in favour of collecting art. In 1935 Mrs Kroller Muller donated her fascinating collection to the state of the Netherlands which built this museum for it. The museum has a wonderful collection of Van Gogh work with 93 paintings and 183 drawings. There are also some superb works by Seurat, Monet, Gauguin, Picasso and Mondrian. A sculpture garden of 21 hectares was added to the collection in 1961, a new wing in 1977 and a sculpture wood and park in 1988. Mrs Kroller-Muller also donated the family's 6,000 hectare estate to the state and it is in now the largest National Park in the Netherlands.


Sample tour

Netherlands school tour - 4 days

Day 1

  • Arrive

Day 2

  • Delft Pottery
  • Madurodam miniature village
  • Duinrell Leisure Park

Day 3

  • Anne Frank’s House
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Van Moppes Diamond Factory

Day 4

  • Depart

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"In my twenty years of teaching I’ve done quite a number of school tours with children and can honestly say that this one has offered me by far the best formula so far." Brigitte Ainsworth, Party Leader

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