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Interaction educational information for Key stage 4 pupils

Bridging plans Key Stage 3 and 4
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The department of children, schools and families Key Stage 4 framework for modern foreign language learning refers to  the new perspectives to consider when targeting pupils' development within the GCSE tiering structure. Key Stage 4 pupils will build on their Key Stage 3 experiences in Key Stage 4 by:

 * Taking more responsibility for improving their own learning and performance
 * Developing their communication skills to a higher level for formal GCSE
 * Assessment in speaking across a range of contexts

 * Engaging in more independent in-depth work, such as course work and

extended writing

 * Increasing their ability to read, listen to and understand more complex texts 
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Improving the precision and accuracy of writing

How our Interaction programme enables your pupils to progress these skills

Our Interaction programme in France for Key Stage 4 pupils enables pupils to speak in the target language with native speakers of the target language therefore developing their communication skills to a higher level (French pupils linked to your class). Language exchanges and development between your pupils and the French pupils during the residential stay is the one of the key factors of the success of our Interaction programmes.

Improving listening skills in an informal language exchange between French and English speaking pupils of the same age encourages and inspires speaking skills leading to confidence building.

Joint Educational project work between you and your partner school assists development in pupils' precision and accuracy in writing skills (after the residential trip in France).

Using our extensive links with Educational bodies in Northern France, Voyager link your UK school with a suitable profile French school in the area. We do this well in advance of your trip so there are plenty of opportunities for email and video conference correspondence before even reaching France. We actively encourage UK and French pupils to get to know one another before the trip in the belief that pupils will feel more comfortable learning alongside students they already know.

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Key Stage Programmes

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Key Stage 3 (Secondary)

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Voyager Interaction

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This innovative year long educational programme has two options:
French School Trip

School Visit

A visit to the French partner school for one or two half days during your stay. Students will get the opportunity to experience authentic French lessons and the difference of school life in France.


Shared Residential

A joint residential stay in one of our residential centres in France with pupils from the French partner school. Students will enjoy a range of activities whilst engaging with French pupils and improving their language skills. The residential programme includes optional sporting activities which provides team-building opportunities during their stay.

Accommodation & Inspection Visits

Please get in touch for details of accommodation across Northern France, including 4 centres in Paris, and for details of inspection visits.

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Other features
Learning through physical activity

Historical & cultural visits

The educational residential programme is tailor-made to incorporate visits related to the curriculum identified by your school. These may include visits to tourism attractions, surveys of local commerce, comparisons of local and global industries, studies of historical sites and Art Study tours.

Evening entertainments

Are carefully devised to include use of the French language, cooperation and communication between pupils.

Follow up to residential trip

Each school has the opportunity to complete a joint educational programme/project after the residential trip enabling year long communication  and beneficial linguistic development.

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