Euro Space Center - Belgium Science school tour

4 days by coach to Euro Space Center in Belgium

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Euro Space Center - Belgium Science School Tour

Just 90 minutes from Brussels. Delivered by English speaking space experts at the appropriate level for your group, Euro Space Center is a winning mixture of learning and activity. Through hands-on practical experience, students learn to live like an astronaut! When was the last time you flew in a shuttle simulator or experienced weightlessness?  The whole experience is enhanced by your party actually living on site – with basic accommodation in the form of crew sleeping rooms and communal dining area – just like the real thing!

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Day 1 - Arrive - International Space Station presentation - Evening at leisure


Day 2 - Briefing and mission simulation - Astronaut training simulators - Evening at leisure


Day 3 - Rocket workshop - Astronomy lecture and Planetarium visit - Zero-gravity wall - Experiments in the Shuttle Hold - Daily Life in the ISS - Evening at leisure


Day 4 - Giant Solar System - History of space exploration - Exhibition visit and Diploma ceremony - Depart

Bouillon medieval castle

Bouillon Castle

Bouillon's wonderfully preserved medieval castle is a great optional excursion provided at an extra cost. Cannons and tunnels scatter the stone walls while the fortress provides expansive views of the surrounding forested villages and beautiful canals.

Bowling in Belgium


Fun for everyone! Why not visit a local bowling alley in Belgium? Provided at an additional cost.

Laser game in Belgium

Laser game

A brilliant team building activity/icebreaker and just plain fun! Go to one of the nearby Laser tag games at an additional cost.

Escape room in Belgium

Escape room

This problem-solving activity is perfect for teambuilding and group interaction. You'll be tasked with finding your way out of an escape room by solving clues and riddles. Add an escape room experience onto your Belgium science tour at an additional cost.

Sample tour

Day 1

  • Arrive at accommodation, check-in
  • Presentation of the International Space Station (1 hour). It's construction, purposes, impact on our daily life, its future.
  • Evening at leisure, rooms are available for groups to organize their own evening ents/meetings

Day 2

  • Briefing and mission simulation (4 hours). American space shuttle, its operation and the different phases of a mission. Training on reading the information displayed on the screens. Simulation of a space mission including all the actual procedures involved in a lift-off, orbiting, satellite launch, docking and re-entry into the atmosphere.
  • Astronaut Training Simulators (3 hours). Moonwalk, Multi-axis chair OR Rotating chair, all simulating the feeling of being in Space. There is an explanation of the balance coordination centre and a measurement of recovery abilities. Snack and a drink are provided part way through simulator training.
  • Evening at leisure

Day 3

  • Rocket build and launch workshop (3 hours). Pupils are taught the basics in propulsion theory and of the stability of rockets in flight,
  • Astronomy lecture including visit to the Planetarium (1 hour)
  • Zero-gravity wall (1 hour). Trainees simulate repairing a satellite whilst simulating the feeling of weightlessness.
  • Experiments in the Shuttle Hold (1 hour). Learn how sounds and liquids react in zero pressure vacuums
  • Daily Life in the ISS (1 hour). Presentation on the impact of weightlessness in daily life
  • Evening at leisure

Day 4

  • Pack and check out
  • Giant Solar System (1 hour). Learn about the planets using scale and distance
  • The history of Space exploration
  • Exhibition Visit and Diploma awards ceremony (1 hour)
  • Lunch and depart

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"Thank you for an outstanding school trip. Everything was perfect – transport, accommodation, food and visits." Rob Smith, Kings Norton Boys School

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